FF14 – The Stone Vigil

I kept playing along the MSQ, not needing anything else to level. I’m not complaining, obviously the design to get folks like me to the higher levels, play the latest content, (buy the latest expansions and subscribe), needs a little xp boosting to help out.

Along the way I had to help out around the castle at Whitebrim Front, and came across a startling deja vu:

I flashed back to LoTRO and the Balrog’s (Durin’s Bane) corpse that is located in Zirakzigil. Also crashed into the snowy landscape. OK the LoTRO wiki screenshot doesn’t look very similar but I swear you can get a view very similar to the one above! Or my memory is shot, who knows. 😉

Next up in as a mandatory dungeon was Stone Vigil. And here was where I had my first difficult run. Before this, every instance was smooth sailing.

Not to say this was a disaster, but this was the first instance where the party wiped. Right near the start, literally two turns from where you start out.

The thing is, I don’t really remember what happened. We started normally, started the fight, and I was busy going through my rotation, avoiding AoE skills. And then, I hit the ground, and got a popup about returning to the start or waiting. I looked over and the tank was down, perhaps even the other DPS had already restarted and ran back. I suppose technically we didn’t wipe, as in, the entire group was down at the same time. It was more like two players were down, came back one at a time but in the meantime another player went down, etc. so we cycled what ~3 were in the fight at any given time.

Being so close to the start we did manage to beat that initial fight, regroup, and continue.

And here’s the magical thing – nobody complained.

The tank didn’t scream, the healer didn’t scream, the other DPS didn’t say anything. We just… went on and like it was no big deal. I payed super attention the next few fights, worrying maybe I stood in AoE and that caused the healer to save me but then the tank got hit hard just then, etc. Fortunately, the next fights went just fine.

For all I know, what happened could have been anything from a player got distracted by a real life situation, a player fat fingered their skill, we were catastrophically unlucky with a pull, or somebody forgot the role the queued for (I’m sure this happens as this game lets you switch classes/jobs!). Or something else entirely. But nobody griped and several minutes later, we beat the instance!

So, chalk up another victory for the FF14 playerbase and taking things in stride. It’s a game, have fun, trust the other players, don’t gripe and threaten to quit the group at the first sign of trouble. Because I can easily imagine other games where a group hits a “rolling wipe” in the first fight past the entrance, and everybody bails.

Scholar Clothing

In the long term, I want to switch over and try out healing. That’s part of why I chose Arcanist, since the xp is shared with Summoner (DPS) and Scholar (Healing). It’s super efficient, getting two characters for the price of one.

So far my only experience healing is doing the Scholar job quests. Due to the increased XP gain, I was level 45 and could do In the Image of the Ancients to get some very snazzy clothing.

Don’t I look awesome?! In my Scholar gear. The Summoner gear looks cool too (I also cranked out the level 45 Summoner quest that grants armor) but the hat has a horn like I’m a unicorn. I’m digging the look of the mortar board.

2 thoughts on “FF14 – The Stone Vigil”

  1. Stone Vigil’s trash can sometimes pop out a large hard-hitting AoE if a group has low dps (like there’s a noobie summoner with at-level gear instead of capped gear due to being scaled down, for example 😛 ) and doesn’t kill them fast enough or there are too many for the tank to stun or whatever. Doesn’t happen much, but it’s not unheard of either, especially if a veteran tank pulls a lot of mobs. It’s a “known thing” about that dungeon, so no veteran of the place worries much about it, and a noobie like you is still figuring it out and so might not even see what caused, like you say you didn’t. Just wait until you get to do Stone Vigil (Hard) 😉

    JK — the “hard” dungeons aren’t actually any harder, just a bit different.

    1. Yeah, “(Hard)” basically just means “(Alternative Version).”

      Stone Vigil is the first dungeon where newbie groups tend to have a harder time though, and it’s good that, (while still very easy,) there’s some chance for failure and ways to learn from it.

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