EVE – Ship Rescue

Last year when I was in Brave Newbies, we were fighting in Catch and staging out of GE-8JV. To participate, I flew out in a covert-ops frigate, a Buzzard, and over time bought a few ships that were available at the station.

My goal was to fly logistics and/or EWAR ships, and maybe even stealth bombers, but as it turned out, it was very tough for me to make any of the scheduled fleet activity.

I wound up unsubbing EVE, and in the year that has passed, GE-8JV is under new owners, Against All Authorities. Actually that was who owned GE-8JV before the Brave Collective took it over.

Now I’m back and while I looked over my various items spread out over New Eden, I noticed that stealth bomber I bought last year.

Hm… a stealth bomber, fitted with a covert ops cloak – this is a ship I actually have a chance of flying out of nullsec! If I could only get there in the first place – but as it also turned out, I had a jump clone at GE-8JV, established when I was in Brave and we owned the system.

So I decided, what the heck, let’s spend a little time getting my ship back. I plotted a course from GE-8JV to Jita, near where I’m currently staging out of. 30+ hops… well why not I think it would be fun to attempt.

I jumped to GE-8JV, got in the Manticore, and plotted a course to Jita.


I noticed a few things weren’t available: insurance, fitting – all due to the current owning corporation (Rage and Terror) not getting along with my current corporation, Perkone, an NPC corporation. In fact even trying to undock gave a warning “the owner does not like you, you will be unable to redock”. But I had no choice if I wanted to get home.

So I clicked undock, clicked through the warning, and bugged out as fast as I could.

Travel in nullsec under possible hostile conditions is a bit different than hisec. Besides others being to open fire on you without CONCORD intervention, there is also the possibility of a warp disruption field, a.k.a bubble, which are used to trap ships.

I haven’t done this before but after reading up the general idea is to not autopilot (long period of being a sitting duck) and be careful of warping from one gate to another (players sometimes put bubbles in the way).

If I had the system to myself, I would just jump 0 km off the gate and then jump through ASAP. I figured the chances of a bubble being out when nobody was around was low. Of course, you can’t tell what’s on the other side without jumping so you have to do that, and be prepared to jump back through the gate if it looks ugly.


If there were other players, I would first jump 100 km off a celestial object (typically a planet)


then jump 100 km off the gate to do some recon first


and then decide whether to wait a bit, approach from a different trajectory, etc. In the screenshot above, I warped 100 km off the gate and noticed a player orbiting with a bunch of drones out. I thought there was a fight between two players going on… but that didn’t look like what was happening. I waited and eventually backed off to another planet, then jump to the gate and through.

By going from gate to planet to gate, I hoped to avoid the direct route which was also easy to bubble. And in fact I did encounter one, in HED-GP, the nullsec border system with Keberz in Khanid.


I’m coming to the gate from a planet and the bubble is quite visible. I zoomed out to show how close to the gate it was.



I decided to remain stealthed and slowly move to the gate, in order to watch and see if there was any activity around the bubble. Nothing happened and when I got close enough to the gate, I did not hang around.

The remainder of the 20+ jumps were uneventful and I was able to get my stealth bomber out of nullsec. I’ll have to abandon the rest of the ships I have in GE-8JV since I can’t dock in order to pilot them out. Also, my jump clone that was there is no longer available, probably due to the switch in station ownership, so I can’t just appear at the station anymore. That’s fine, this time around I’m planning to be an explorer so I just want ships that can fit covert ops cloaks, and the rest of the ships are logistics cruisers, EWAR ships, and so on.

Mini break

I had some out of town visitors last week, so I didn’t do much gaming. It is interesting to me what games I thought about and was eager to get back to, and which ones were bucketed into “eh, I can wait”.

BDO – I just can’t get into. It offers a lot to do, but it turns out I’m not all that interested in lifestyle skills, simulating a trade empire, fishing or raising horses. What it does have going for it is exploration…

…which brings me to EVE. One goal there is to wander the universe in a cloaked ship, exploring relic/data sites as I come across them. This playstyle doesn’t have a direct analogy to other games with exploration (GW2 for instance) so EVE bumped up on my interest list. Of course, while away with my visitors I kept my skill queue full and working on my behalf. 🙂 I probably still can’t reliable make corp/fleet activity, but I think I can get my monthly sub fee’s worth of a few hours on the weekends.

GW2 moved back into interest. I saw a giant patch containing tons of fixes, most of which probably don’t effect me. However, one thing did – a level 80 boost. Earlier I mentioned the one thing I’d change about my char is switching races Norn to Asura. Well, this is my chance! I have a level 80 elementalist, guardian, ranger, level 60 mesmer, and I’ve tried thief and necromancer and didn’t really like them. That’s fine, there isn’t a game out where EVERY class appeals to me. Closest would be GW1 where I did actually play all classes through all storylines except one… the elementalist. That’s because my GW1 elementalist was my mesmer, who freely swapped skills between professions, and had fast casting instead of energy storage.

I used some level 30 boosts on an engineer and revenant, and a level 20 boost on a warrior. So basically, I have a level 80 boost to use on either a ranger, which I know I like but would like to switch races on, or on an engineer, revenant, or warrior, which are fun but unknown. I’ll think about this and maybe play through the first chapter of the storyline on the engineer and revenant and see before going with another ranger.

LoTRO also moved back into interest. I’ve taken breaks from the game, none lasting too long. My guardian Naerys can level from 100 to 105 now, but I had another project in mind: starting a new minstrel. Which I did and puttered around a bit. I’ll post on that later.

ESO also remained of interest. Zenimax is adding some really interesting DLC (the recent Thieves Guild and upcoming Dark Brotherhood); the game is fun and has beautiful graphics; I like the skill system which lets every class train every weapon, armor, and crafting skills, while retaining 3 skill lines unique to the class.

TSW as well, I want to press along in the desert and not spend ~2 years wandering very slowly around before the next new zones, like I did with Kingsmouth – Blue Mountain.

What fell out of interest was FF14. It isn’t a bad game game at all; I’ve enjoyed all 5 mandatory dungeons I’ve done; the class system is the best. The playerbase seems friendly, the storyline is bizarre but fun to follow. It comes down to the sub fee – given my rather haphazard play schedule, it doesn’t make sense to sub to multiple subscription games. So in the contest between EVE and FF14, right now EVE wins since the play style EVE offers, that of the stealth explorer in dangerous territory, well that doesn’t exist elsewhere. The others are B2P or F2P, and I do support them by making store purchases from time to time. I like this model since whatever I buy doesn’t come with a time limit like game-time with a sub fee does, and I don’t feel as much pressure to play to a quota each month.

There is probably a “fantasy game overload” thing going on as well – EVE is a sci-fi universe while LoTRO/GW2/ESO are fantasy. So FF14 as a 4th direct fantasy game, let’s just put TSW into a different category, is maybe too much for me.

I’m subbed for another cycle under FF14 so I’m not vanishing instantly, but I’ll be thinking about whether or not I want to keep working on my summoner/monk versus exploring null sec in EVE.

Anyway, I’ll see how ESO, TSW, ramping back up in GW2 and LoTRO, and EVE go. 5 games is still 3 too many. 😉

ESO -Aldmeri Dominion

I’ve allowed events in MMOs control my schedule lately. From picking up TSW due to double AP weekend, resubbing EVE due to 10 days for cheap (promotion along with the current in-game war), to playing ESO over the weekend due to anniversary celebration experience-boosting cake.

I’m a pie person myself 😉 but I spared some time to reroll a character to play through some new content to me – a High Elf sorcerer which allowed me to see the Aldmeri Dominion initial island: Khenarthi’s Roost, the city of Mistral, and fighting off Maormer treachery.

I decided to start a new char for two reasons: it had been a long time since I played, and I never really got high level anyway. Heck, I didn’t even get medium level. I picked High Elf sorcerer mostly because I don’t really like playing a Wood Elf (bosmer) or Khajit so High Elf (Altmer) were the 3rd option. Or I suppose Imperial since I have the fancy version.


I’m not very good at melee combat in Elder Scrolls. Not just in ESO, my ineptitude with melee also carries over to Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc. Since those games came first, perhaps I should say my ineptitude at melee carries over to the MMO.

The reason is melee takes more work here, which I do like. It’s just that I’m not used to it so I get pounded on more. In this game, you need to specifically block (right click) to partially negate an enemy attack – sometimes it leads to a chance to land a bigger attack (hold left click) in response. You can also interrupt (left click + right click) an enemy attack. In most other games you don’t really need to specifically block, it’s factored into your stats or gear so combat means standing there dishing out offensive skills. You also need to be close enough to hit, otherwise you can swipe at the air.


Anyway, magic comes easier to me in the Elder Scrolls games so I played through the starter island and made it to Vulkhel Guard.

Now I need to decide whether to continue the storyline or take a minor break and give a melee char another go. I do like that melee combat isn’t just standing there taking hits – you can block and interrupt – I need to overcome muscle memory from other games.


FF – Haukke Manor

Once again, I reached a dungeon in the main storyline quest – Haukke Manor. And once again, the amazing Mizztek provides a great overview because I hate going into group content with no idea what’s coming.

It looks straightforward so I queued up as a Summoner when I had some time. When I’m more familiar with the fights I may try queueing as a healer (i.e. Scholar). But I need to sort out some stuff first, get familiar with the skills, etc. before going live with other players. 😉


The fights went very smoothly, we hit no issues other than our tank disconnected before we had to go upstairs. She was waiting up the stairs by the time she reconnected and the rest of us ran back… it almost seemed like this was planned as a way to respawn at the start without travel. But probably not.


The final fight wrapped up and I was slow on the screenshot button so not pic of us with the boss down to the last few percentages of health. Oh well, perhaps I will remember next time.

I got a few equipment upgrades but nothing significant enough to bump my gear level – it is 26 and holding. I seem to do fine in dungeons, really the only difficult fight so far has been against the first Primal. That’s fine, I’m enjoying the content provided so far and have no complaints.

While advancing the the storyline more I’m going to take a minor detour and finish off my Great Company hunting log, so I can get a promotion.

EVE – Exploration

Last time I played Black Desert Online I was idly thinking about sandbox gameplay and comparing BDO with EVE Online. I wasn’t yet invested into BDO and had good memories of EVE… and right about then came the subscription renewal offer of $0.99 for 10 days. Well I couldn’t pass that up!

So I logged in and enabled my account and downloaded the game. Of course EVE requires some extra work – I also got the latest version of EVE Mon and EFT, setup my API keys and got ready to play.

I had a plan – exploration. What I always wanted to try out was fitting an exploration vessel and wandering low/null sec looking for data or relic sites. I came close when I joined a Foo’s Wormhole Corporation, but wound up doing Planetary Interaction. This made OK ISK but was a little boring and repetitive, especially the long hauls to market and back.

Exploration didn’t go that well in wormholes because the data/relic sites are guarded by Sleepers. But in low/null sec, that isn’t always the case.

So the plan was to explore in known space (k-space) rather than wormhole space (w-space), in my spiffy Heron or (preferably) Buzzard and perhaps see some of the sights of New Eden, for instance the Titanomachy monument in B-R5RB, for myself.


It’s only 21 jumps away!

First I had to read up on exploration to help refresh my memory, and I found these pages to be useful:

Then I had to… wait because this overlapped the double AP event in TSW and I didn’t want to miss that. I figured I had been away from EVE for a year, it could wait a year and a day (I jumped on the 10 day special here and that time went to training up skills, so not entirely wasted).

Anyway, with some time to put into EVE, I logged in with the goal of purchasing ships and the needed modules and fitting the ships. I remember from before it sometimes takes a good hour or two to make the purchases – fly to various stations for better prices, collect everything in the same station, fit each ship, etc. Argh.

In another session I’ll practice scanning. This was something I had to do every time I wanted to leave the wormhole, but I’m way out of practice.

FF -Three Jobs

So… along the way of the crafter I hit a snag.

I leveled up Culinarian and Alchemist to 15, did the new class quests, and picked up a new round of tradecraft levequests. I noticed that unlike the previous lower level recipes, the new level 16-20 recipes (and hence levequests) called for ingredients that weren’t for sale from the guild supplier. Of course, this makes sense in retrospect. It shouldn’t be possible to craft everything just standing in the guild hall, buying all ingredients.

So I went to the market board and checked to see if what I needed was available. It was, but prices were high, at least proportionally according to my current wealth. I needed 3 ingredients, and they were for sale but in stacks of 10 for 5000 gil. This probably isn’t too bad for the convenience, but I only had ~70K gil. I could afford 15K but that’s a major chunk of my money and not sustainable.

I bought those ingredients, so I’ll be able to finish off several days of levequests, but if I really want to level up Culinarian (for example), I’ll probably need to take up Botanist in order to get my own ingredients. It’s a gil-sink that I don’t need right now, since I’m not exactly floating in wealth.

While I ponder that, I decided to take another course again: Thamaturge. With a level 30 Arcanist,  I’ll be able to open up Scholar job since I reached level 15 as Conjurer… and paired with that same level 30 Arcanist, I’ll be able to open the Summoner job too after I reach level 15 as a Thamaturge. I figured, why not, getting to level 15 doesn’t take too long.

With some new short term goals in place, I reached level 30 as an Arcanist and completed the quest to unlock the Scholar job.


After a bit more effort, I reached level 15 as a Thamaturge and unlocked the Summoner quest. This class quest was tough – I failed it twice! – but the third attempt was successful. The battle involved defeating a summoning fire spirit and adds, and I failed it because I wasn’t taking out the adds quickly enough. One set of adds were summoned pillars that amplified the fire spirit’s power if left up too long. The third time, when the pillars appeared I fought them exclusively.


With those pillars out of the way, the rest of the fight was straightforward and soon I unlocked the Summoner job.


Finally, I reached level 30 as a Pugilist which allowed me to quest for the Monk job.


I thought this screenshot humorously captured the Monk class quest – I’m fighting everything and the quest giver is talking about what great data he’s gathering! 😉

Anyway, with 3 jobs available to me now, I’ll have good variety going forward. Part of me wants to level as a Rogue in order to unlock the Ninja job at level 30. But I’ll make that a low priority additional activity, since I just now hit level 30 on Arcanist and Pugilist and I’ve been playing 2 months. At that rate it would take me another month to level up a Rogue and right now I’m going to move forward in the storyline.