Eregion Adventures

Later in the evening I decided to dust off my guardian Naerys and adventure a bit. Poor Naerys had been neglected when Moria released, because I decided to advance my other characters through Moria but also try a new character class, the warden. Basically, my new warden took the place of my guardian.

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Monthly Fees

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m currently only playing Free-to-Play (a.k.a. f2p, freemium, microtransaction supported, whatever you want to call them) MMOs right now.

But I also don’t mind subscribing to one game at a time. After all, $15 a month is a bargain, there isn’t much else that gives the same entertainment value (time-wise) for the money. Plus, multi-month subscriptions are typically discounted a bit. And I’m not talking about playing every waking moment either – I think even if you just play 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, the subscription is worth it. Heck, only Netflix might be a better deal than an MMO subscription.

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Mini Scourge Manta

I logged in real quick just to check Dawn, and found a birthday present! I guess Dawn’s birthday is 2 days earlier than I thought. The great news is I received a mini Scourge Manta, bringing my total to 39 mini pets. Now I’m guaranteed to hit 40 between my necromancer, assassin, other chars, and of course the questable Moa Chick. So I’m basically at 28 Hall of Monuments points, and can get to 30 by obtaining weapons. Thank goodness because getting Vabbian armor would take quite a while.

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Grand Stairs and Hall of Crafting

It was a blowout evening in LoTRO! While I was skirmishing, several kinmates were logging in and out, chatting, and forming instance groups. I sorta paid attention but wasn’t really following the conversations. Later when I was out of the skirmish and figuring out what to do, a kinmate asked if I wanted to come along to an instance, Grand Stairs.

That’s one of the few Moria instances I’ve been in, but my groups never did take down the final boss. So I said yes.

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