FF14 – Garuda

The end of the ARR main sequence quests is in sight… but there is one more primal fight to finish: Garuda, in the Howling Eye.

I watched MTQCapture’s video on the fight beforehand, so I have an idea of how it works. I mean, I’m all for the fun and puzzle solving aspect of going in blind, except this fight is years old so I don’t have to do that!

The fight went well,but I’m glad I watched the video in order to know to hide behind the rock piles when Garuda started her screaming.

Questing remains fun, because I do enjoy the fantasy landscapes of Eorzea. After completing a quest that brought me this area, I just wandered around aimlessly in these bridges of broken orange crystals because I thought it was beautiful.

I’ve been impressed with the Duty Finder and how reasonable it has been to find groups in order to progress along the MSQ. On one hand, if the devs are going to require mandatory grouping in order to advance, you expect there to be a solution offered to the players.

Other MMO have group finders, but the in FF14 works so smoothly it is amazing. It’s a system where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – syncing levels down, changeable classes/jobs, cross-server grouping, a healthy population in the first place, with the double genius of the roulette system: entice players with extra rewards for a role in need (i.e. group needs tank, healer, or DPS) plus the randomness of which unlocked dungeon is picked (prevent “favorite” dungeons from getting all the attention and ensure they all have a chance of being filled) – it all adds up to frictionless grouping.

Queueing as a Summoner, a DPS job, it doesn’t take much time at all to find a group. I think the worst was between 10 and 15 minutes, often it is 5 mins or less. That’s faster than the global LFG system I had to deal with in WoW Classic earlier this year, and a lot less work… in order to participate in what is theoretically the whole point of games in this genre.

Once you queue, you can’t change class/jobs and still enter. Even if you are the same role. I found this out when I queued as a Summoner but then removed my soul crystal to be an Arcanist instead. I remember thinking that due to level syncing and losing a few of my most recent abilities, I’d be better off as the base class (answer is: no, it’s fine, if you sync down levels you just lose the ability to use the particular skills that are higher level than the sync). The game warns about this so you can change back.

I mention this because I’ve read in ESO there is a problem of players getting tired of DPS queues and queuing as “fake tanks” as redditors call them. To be fair to ESO many posts state that many dungeons on normal mode don’t actually need a dedicated tank and it’s fine. Folks get saltier when players want to run harder dungeon modes and queue jumpers sneak in.

FF14 doesn’t have this problem due to stricter class roles. A really functional group finder is a game changer. 😉 Ba da bing.

2 thoughts on “FF14 – Garuda”

  1. Something the duty finder also does is that for your 1st time ever queueing for an MSQ dungeon it moves you to the top of the queue so you get a fast pop as you move through the story.

    It only does it for the 1st queue, though. Still and all, I find that dps queues are typically only 5-7 minutes anyway. At least for roulettes. Selecting a specific dungeon can be 30+ minutes.

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