ESO – Pan-Elsweyr Celebration

ESO holds special events all the time. Anniversary events, DLC showcase events, etc. Currently there is a Pan-Elsweyr Celebration offering bonus loot, event rewards… the kinds of things playerbases in games go crazy for.

And since they are showcasing Elsweyr and Dragonhold DLCs, if you don’t happen to own them, they are on sale for 50% off. What a coincidence!

I dropped the ball on a previous event and didn’t get enough event tickets in time to unlock a fancy mount. I am not planning on screwing up again. I’ve planned this out and I need 12 more event tickets. Since you can get 2 per day, I have just enough time to get those tickets before the event ends Aug 3.

The great thing about these events is the large crowds that will pursue the tougher daily quests. For this event the tougher dailies are world bosses and dragon slaying.

My world boss daily for Dragonhold was to kill Iratan the Lightbringer and collect a few items. There are so many players waiting for him to spawn that when he does appear, he melts in seconds. Sometimes you spend more time waiting the collect the other quest items than you do fighting the boss. You definitely spend more time waiting for him to spawn than fighting. And if you space out for more than 5 seconds (ok maybe 8 but definitely less than 10), you might not land a hit and then you get to wait for the next respawn…

That’s fine with me. If I wanted a bigger challenge I can wait until the event passes and get stuck trying to solo or perhaps small-group fight a world boss.

PoGo – Go Fest 2021

One thing I missed from Covid times was meeting up with some friends and playing Pokémon Go – typically a Community Day, or some other special event like raid hour. We decided to get together in person today for Day 1 of Go Fest 2021… unfortunately one person couldn’t make it but the other 3 of us still met up.

The events were 4 hours of different habitats, one hour each, featuring a different set of pokémon to collect: cave habitat, jungle habitat, desert mountain habitat, and ocean beach habitat. Various shinies were also available, costumed pokémon, a special research quest (“The Melody Pokémon”) which rewarded Meloetta, regionals (Sawk and Chatot), the typical raids, field research, a bump in the number of special trades allowed, and probably some other stuff.

Anyway it was fun, got a lot of walking in, caught a ton of pokémon including Sawk and Chatot, ate lunch, and chatted.

For me the highlight was catching a shiny Snorlax:

followed closely by the 98% IV Mewtwo:

Of course, getting the normally-somewhere-else regionals Chatot and Sawk was great too, as far as filling out pokédex entries.

Tomorrow will feature various raid Legendaries, but we don’t plan to meet in person and will instead try to do remote raid invites. I think my two friends want a break from walking around and in many ways remote raids are more convenient – players on discord can announce the raids local to them and interested folks can try to get into a group. I’m very interested in Palkia (appearing during Frost Hour) and Dialga (appearing during Thunder Hour) since I never caught either when they were out earlier, for whatever reason.