Where Does the Time Go?

Wow, just like that another ~3 months have passed and I haven’t blogged. I’m a slacker!

The most exciting thing I’ve done recently is… travel to Iceland for week, to meet up with friends who were taking a vacation there. Due to various scheduling issues, I had a free day in Reykjavik after arriving and before hopping on a bus to cross the island and meet them.

I did a walking tour of Reykjavik, which looks a lot like the two Ingress mosaics I did. 🙂 I also caught every Mr. Mime and Volbeat I saw (two of the European regional pokemon). More on that later.

And… I wandered by the HQ of CCP.


Unfortunately I was there on a Saturday and they were closed. Otherwise I would have visited the lobby!

I also found the EVE Online Monument, and found my character name! I looked that up in advance of course, the print is tiny.



Still, it was very cool to find my character name and of course visit Iceland which is BEAUTIFUL in basically every direction you look. I’m already plotting a return in 2020, do some more hiking.