[AoC] Dabbling in Hyboria

Age of Conan celebrated its 9th birthday in May, and had a special: log in and get a free level 80 char. I’m a sucker for these kinds of things – even if I didn’t play an MMO all that much, it’s always handy to have a max level char. I did the same thing in WildStar – grabbed a level 50 char just in case I wind up back in the game for an extended period.

Anyway, I logged in a claimed my free level 80 and extra char slot. I went with a bear shaman and realized that I didn’t know what I was doing so I might as well start a level 1 char and play through Tortage, the starter area. My previous character was a guardian but over the years my play style has shifted towards healers, or at least characters that have the option of healing, so that’s why I picked bear shaman.

However, to dabble around for a bit I tried something else altogether: assassin. Pure melee DPS, why not.

Female characters begin in a bikini but I managed to grab more clothes along the way to Tortage.


I followed the main quest and soon found myself sneaking around to overhear a conversations, acting on that info to get rid of another enemy, etc. I’m pursuing my destiny in the main quest, which takes place in a solo night instance, while the typical leveling quests take place in public daytime. This probably is more important for PvP servers but I’m on the PvE server.


The graphics are decent and I’m having fun so far, but have yet to finish up Tortage.

Part of it is realizing this is a diversion and I don’t really intend to play much. Part of it is the assassin isn’t the class for me and I might like another one better. The combat isn’t bad – AoC has a directional attack/block system that opens up a more powerful attack – but long term motivation isn’t there due to my available time.

I guess sometimes I like to log in to another game for an hour or two, just to fiddle around as a lowbie.

I’m trying to narrow down to 3 games, which is still 1 too many, but the problem is I have 4 I want to play: LoTRO, SWL, ESO, GW2. #FirstWorldMMOProblems, I know.



AoC – Left Hyboria

Eagle-eyed readers will note I posted about entering Hyboria, and then nothing about AoC since (there was a long haitus in there as well).

Well, the reason for that is I stopped playing AoC. Why? Largely because I prioritized games I want to play (or try), compared against my actual real available time, and concluded I can barely play the games I want to so I needed to scale back my ambitions. And AoC was one such game. Basically I enjoy LoTRO more, and have a limit to the number of fantasy-themed MMOs I can play without them all blurring together.

I did enjoy it. I leveled a guardian to 10 (or 12?) and found the game to be pretty good overall. Yes, I didn’t really get very far, I didn’t level very high, didn’t hit the max level and have enough time to complain about lack of content or how boring the raids were – you know, the same stuff die-hard complainers always find issue with – but I did have some fun questing and leveling. The combination system for blocking and opening more powerful attacks was a nice change over the typical battle system.

I think the game got screwed by a rushed released and early stability/bugginess/balance issues, and now has a self-dug pit to climb out of. The game is better than its early reputation. However, the current field is thick with strong competition so it will tough for any game in this situation to make a come back.