Minor Change of Plans

Earlier I wrote that I will try out RIFT starting in late March, a few weeks after the game opens for everyone. Now I plan to squeeze in Fallen Earth first.

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Legendary Legacy Updates

I read the dev diary about the upcoming changes to the LI system in LoTRO. I’m very excited about the Legacy Replacement Scrolls. I think I can use them to make my burglar Dhrun a weapon with the legacies I’d really like: Feint Attack Cooldown, Lucky Strike Cooldown, +% Crit Chain Damage.

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RIFT is Calling to me

OK, bad pun about RIFT’s division of archetypes. 😉

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RIFT Beta Impressions 2

I played a few more hours of the RIFT beta, and had a fun time. I’m not sure I’m going to subscribe, but will keep an eye on the game for reconsider in a few months. The mechanics were superb but I couldn’t find a class combo I enjoyed playing.

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Hall of Monuments

I hit 30 points in my Hall of Monuments, thanks to a generous guildie.

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RIFT Beta Impressions-1

I signed up for the RIFT beta, and played a bit during the week. I wasn’t able to play much but it was fun.

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Milestone Changes

I read about the upcoming milestone changes over at CSTM, and I’m excited. I can’t remember how many times I wished I could have two recall points, or a faster cooldown on my map. Soon, I can have both of those and more!

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