Awaken Online: Catharsis

A friend of mine, who knows I enjoy playing MMOs, recommended a book to me recently: Awaken Online: Catharsis.

The plot involves what you would expect: in the future there is a VR helmet used for playing a realistic MMO, a kid named Jason finds escape from the real world in it, etc. Wait, isn’t this a lot like Ready Player One?

Yes and No… there are some trope inversions so far in AO:C – our real world hero is a chaotic evil necromancer in the game, and his real world antagonist is seemingly a holy paladin…

I am enjoying it quite a bit… not wanting to put it down and stop reading. 🙂 I’m only halfway through and planning to add the book’s sequels to my reading list.

What funny is the next expansion for ESO, Elsweyr, will add the necromancer class. I told my friend that her book recommendation might also make me pick up ESO again.

Dang it, I can tell I’m going to get the ESO expansion. As much as I love LoTRO I like the class and quest system in ESO better. Hm… perhaps the crafting system as well, although I never got too far along with that.

I do NOT have time to play two MMOs!!