LoTRO – Legendary Server

So I’ve been playing LoTRO again, on Anor, one of the new Legendary Servers. I ran out of gas with two new characters on Landroval, largely because the early zones are sparse, but restarting on Anor has been a lot of fun since there are so many players around now.

When the server opened I delayed going to work just to create characters with the names I wanted. Yep, silly but on the other hand, not getting a preferred name would irritate me ever so slightly every single time I played. So it was worth it. As a result, I have Hellebore the hobbit guardian.

As you know, female hobbits are typically named after plants or gems so I wanted hellebore as a name and got it. 🙂

My favorites are hobbits and elves, the “uncorrupted” races – I racked my brain but could only think of evil men (bandits) and dwarves (dourhands) in the Shire and Bree and couldn’t think of any evil hobbits and elves. There are also Beornings as a late addition to the playable races/classes, with no evil one I can think of either. But I’m not a lore expert so perhaps there are evil hobbits, elves, beornings…

Anyway, I’ve also enjoyed every class I’ve played in LoTRO. Which leads to the funny situation of why I’m playing a guardian again – which was my “main” and highest level char on Landroval.

The first char I considered my main was a hunter, and after easing into the game I tried out several others for variety. That led me to the lore-master, my main until somewhere in the 60’s. As I recall, somewhere in Mirkwood, I accidentally deconstructed the wrong legendary item (staff) and kind of screwed myself since the others ones I had were bad. I was bummed and decided to take a break from the LM, giving myself time to get over it (the reality is this error wasn’t terminal, I could always get another LI and level it up, and so it really only set me back a few weeks, tops. But at the time it really stung; I figured I’d play another character for a bit to ease the pain). That other character I took up was… my guardian who was the last of my original 5 chars to go through Moria. I wound up really getting into the guardian and played that char, alting on my burglar for variety.

Flash forward to Anor, starting with a hobbit minstrel. Things were going well until level 17 when I was overwhelmed by some bandits and suffered my first defeat, thus denying that character the level 20 survival title. Again, not the end of the world but I figured I’d take a break… and played my guardian who has now taken over lol.

Basically, because I enjoy every class (captain and beorning are the two I have the least experience with), these kinds of “take a break to play the alt” run the risk of finding a new main!

So Hellebore the guardian is now level 28ish, wrapped up the Lone Lands and is off to Esteldin to continue the Vol 1 Book 3 quest line.


Along the way I grabbed some screenshots of Weathertop.


Questing around in Far Chetwood.

I joined a kinship, the Council of the North, because they advertised the desire to do 3/6/12 man content. That’s what I want to do!