ESO – Quasigriff Mount

Well I’ve been slacking since Blaugust. Sometimes I only have time to play games rather than write about playing games, you know?

I finally got my Dagonic Quasigriff mount, so I can ride around in style. Probably like thousands of other players, who also will obtain the mount… but I don’t care, I like the looks of it.

This mount is obtained by participating in various celebrations/events this year – collect event tickets, trade into the Impresario for one item towards the mount.

First you need to get the Unstable Morpholith, which in turn required Deadlands Flint, Rune-etched Striker, and Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder. Then since I wanted the mount, I obtained Black Iron Bit and Bridle, Black Iron Stirrups, and Smoke-Wreathed Gryphon Feather. Combine, and voilà, there’s your new heavyweight mount.

This might sound tedious but it really wasn’t. It made you play a bit every day (during the various events), doing daily quests to get the ticket rewards. The dailies were generally: do a delve, fight a world boss. Since you could only get two tickets a day, you couldn’t obsessively farm… I suppose on the other side are players that for whatever reason couldn’t play enough each time. However I think ESO has them covered since there are supposed to be two more events with more chances to get tickets, etc.

ESO – Another Friend Playing

I had elaborate plans to advance in FF14… ok not that fancy, just keep following the MSQ… but on Mon my other friend did indeed buy ESO on the Steam sale, and messaged, asking if I wanted to play. Well heck yes!

We actually played Mon, a little bit Wed, and Thu as well. My friend plays tons of single player games but was leery of trying an MMO due to concerns about forced grouping.


I decided to roll a new character, with the plan to group as early as possible. I already had a named picked out: Amanita Phalloidies, that being the botanical name of the deadly White Cap Mushroom. Unfortunately, some other genius 😉 had the same idea so the name was already taken. I had to spell the name Falloidies instead. I thought this was a great name for an Imperial Necromancer, Imperial because it is Latin, and Necromancer for obvious reasons. I joined the Ebonheart Pact since my friend made a Nord Dragonknight.

We called on discord and started in. I was interested in seeing the new tutorial especially with the finals room of portals to all the various starter zones.

While the tutorial isn’t a private instance, it wasn’t possible to join up. We grouped and I tried to “travel to player” several times at various points, and always got an error. It was fine, we had discord and I kept asking what point in the tutorial she was up to.

One point she said “oh no, I’m out of inventory space”. There’s a room in the tutorial where you can choose weapons and armor… and my friend apparently took everything. Haha!

When I got to the portal room I found the Bleakrock Isle portal and told my friend that was the one she wanted. I just wanted to make sure we started the correct faction storyline. My other friend that played bought a combo package that included Morrowind, so their starter zone was Vvardenfell. Which is fine, but then had no idea at all what faction they were and wound up doing zone stories in essentially random order.

Once on Bleakrock Isle, she was able to travel to me and we finally could play together. Our other friend soon joined us and we worked on a few quests together.

I pointed out aspects of the game as we went long. Skyshards for example, I explained that discovering 3 skyshards granted 1 skill point. ESO’s tutorials and help popups are pretty good but having somebody answer questions is even better.

As we ran across Bleakrock Isle, I stopped at various harvest nodes (wood, ore, plants, enchanting) and gave a quick description. I showed the slightly different icons of zone quests and side quests; the zone quests tell an extended story while the side quests are shorter and more local. I advised that if given the choice, do the zone quests first since those grant better gear and sometimes skill points, etc.

Some other key tips were wayshrine usage – at a wayshrine, clicking on it lets you travel for free to any other wayshrine already discovered; clicking on a wayshrine from the map costs money to travel.

We wrapped up the first evening still on Bleakrock Isle. With great progress though!

Later, I dug around my setting and passed on some changes to make:

  • options -> nameplates -> nameplates on options -> nameplates -> friendly npcs (show) -> always
  • options -> gameplay -> prevent attacking innocents -> on
  • options -> combat -> (display ability bars, timers, stats, etc)
  • options -> social -> auto-decline duels -> on
  • options -> audio -> (subtitles for NPCs and videos)
  • options -> gameplay -> quick cast ground abilities -> on

I think my friend absorbed everything and said she had fun.


The second session was short as I got on late Wed evening. My friend quested on her own and finished a few more quests on Bleakrock Isle. My only further advice was on spending attribute and skill points. She wants to play a stamina dragonknight (loves wielding dual weapons) but wasn’t sure how to allocate.

Fortunately I got her to spend all points into stamina, explaining that unlike many other RPGs where you try to balance stats a bit, ESO rewards full blown concentration into one stat. Mostly because how damage is calculated.

As far as skill points, she had already spent a few in the skills that the in-game skill advisor suggested. The skills advisor defaults to an “Initiate” build which is magicka-based. I told her how to change that and she selected the Venomous Dragon build, which is stamina-based. Now the game will suggest skills that build towards the playstyle she wants.


My friend crafted my newly-playing friend some gear – a level 10 Hunding’s Rage armor set. Due to level scaling, your armor level being at your character level makes you equivalent to a level 50/CP 160 character, other than skills and champion points. So we’ll try to keep our friend in reasonably current gear.

We exited Bleakrock Isle to Bal Foyen and continued questing. Since Bal Foyen is even smaller than Bleakrock Isle we finished that and moved onto Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls. At this point, we leveled up to 10 and my friend could equip her armor.

In Davon’s Watch we took a break from questing to tour the city a bit. I got us to join the Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, Undaunted (my friend thought the initiation ceremony was funny). Since finishing the Undaunted initiation quest involved visiting – not finishing, just visiting – a group Dungeon, which in our case was Fungal Grotto, our other friend ported over there so that we could “travel to player” and save the run across Stonefalls. It isn’t much, but both of our lowbie characters have basically zero speed mounts, and no wayshrines along the way, so it would have taken a while, especially with stopping for fights.

Before logging off I pointed out another critical town service – the Outlaws Refuge. We explained this was where to go to sell or launder stolen items, and often sneak out of a city bypassing guards. This was handy because right before, at the bank, there was a safebox (which I managed to steal from when the NPC wandered away!) so I had some stolen loot to launder.

Later I checked and my level ~11 newly-join-Undaunted character is able to get delve dailies from Bolgrul. Excellent!

This is super cool. I haven’t had more than 1 real-life friend play the same game as me since… Asheron’s Call. Back then we used to stay late at work, conference call each other, and play for a few hours in the evening. Good times.

I’m glad I rolled a new character to play with my friend through the low levels. That way I can see the quests and objectives too. I could have used my warden or dragonknight since they haven’t done those quests but I figured I’d transition to those characters eventually, might as well try out a new character for a bit.

Speaking of that, I did stamina necro. I have a magicka necro that has terrible sustain problems (runs low on magicka all the time). Maybe I’m doing it wrong or it gets better with various passives, skills, etc. But the stamina necro plays solid right from the start, I like it more.

So I crafted myself a set of Night Mother’s Gaze and Mechanical Acuity gear, in the Daedric style because I have a ton of the materials needed for that motif. For a level 12 character, hehe, what the heck that’s the benefit of having your own crafter.

ESO – Molag Bal Quotes

You can’t be an evil overlord without dramatic quotes. Here are some that Molag Bal says before/after the final encounter at a dolmen.

I decided to collect them, so here is a non-exhaustive list. Also, whoever does the voice acting sounds great!

  • A mortal for you to feast upon, Rhagothan. You may feed now.
  • Destroy the body, and the animus is cast into darkness. But the animus returns.
  • Destroy this anchor, and scores more will take its place!
  • Dogs! Filth! You anger a powerful enemy.
  • Drink in your victory. It won’t last long.
  • Fool! Did you think Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, would be defeated so easily?
  • I admire your tenacity, mortals.
  • I am patient. But not that patient, fool.
  • I don’t want revenge. I want your submission.
  • I will dominate this world and all others in time. The strong should always command the weak.
  • I will ensure no tales are told of your valor.
  • Kill my minions and you only remove the weaklings from my service.
  • Like all worldly things, you will in time wear and be used up.
  • Man is mortal, and doomed to death and failure and loss.
  • May your soul burn.
  • My minions will gnaw the flesh from your bones.
  • My minions will gnaw the flesh from your corpse.
  • My subjects failed me. They deserve to be destroyed.
  • Nothing you can do will end this.
  • Pointless. Ten anchors drop for each that is destroyed!
  • Sometimes the prey turns and nips us. It’s a small thing.
  • Submit, and become mine! Fight, and be destroyed!
  • The daedra. The anchors. You destroy them in vain.
  • The end of Nirn is at hand. Come forth and destroy!
  • The plan is in place. You are but an inconvenience.
  • The planemeld will go on as planned. You cannot stop it!
  • The skins of those you love will fly as my banners.
  • The soulless one thinks I can be defeated. Not so, fool.
  • These mortals are strong, but not strong enough.
  • They serve by choice. They serve the strong. They serve me.
  • This will not finish me!
  • Thrashing you thoroughly will please me, mortal.
  • Unexpected. I will call forth someone more worthy of your strength.
  • We sometimes admire our prey, and secretly applaud when it cheats our snares.
  • Weakling. Pathetic piece of filth. Leave while yet you can.
  • When Nirn and Coldharbour are one, all will serve my will!
  • When you are destroyed, the flies will pick your bones clean.
  • When you destroy the next, this one will have returned.
  • Wretches! All my servants are wretches! Perhaps these will do the job!
  • Wretched mortals. Worms.
  • Wretched things, mortals. May a storm wash you into Coldharbour.
  • Yes. Sacrifice those servants in my name. Let’s give you something worthy to sacrifice!
  • You are unworthy to kiss my feet! Begone with you!
  • You do not yet know fear? I shall make you afraid!
  • You will now be a gift to my most favored pet, Menta Na.
  • Your death will mean nothing to me. You are but a minor distraction.
  • You’ve done nothing, mortal.
  • You’ve only destroyed my whelps. These minions will not be so easily defeated!
  • Your soul is mine. I own you! Come. Let us play.

ESO – Birth of a Tank

I reached level 50 on my tank, a health Dragonknight. This is great timing because another friend of mine, also a mutual friend with my friend that currently plays, is joining the game!

They are interested in the Dragonknight as far as melee DPS. My friend that plays currently is also a DPS Dragonknight (stamina build). With my tank Dragonknight we’ll make an unconventional group of 3 Dragonknights! Haha.

My first order of business was to equip all the level 50/cp 160 gear I had saved away for my tank. That consists of Ebon gear, Tormentor gear, Radiant Bastion gear, with a smattering of miscellaneous pieces. I mostly wore Ebon and Radiant Bastion gear, and got the red swirlies from the Ebon set bonus.

But then I did some research, late I know, but better than never. And I’m going to re-equip with the “beginning tank” gear recommended by the ESO Tank Club. That means obtaining Armor of the Seducer and Akaviri Dragonguard equipment.

Good thing is Armor of the Seducer is a crafted set. So, easy to get, right? After all, I have a crafter…

Let this be a lesson to everyone else, I screwed up crafting this 2 times before getting it right. So the 3rd set I finally made it without basic errors.

First error was leaving off the Sturdy trait. I took Mayzib, my crafter, to the crafting location in Deshaan, selected CP 160 gear, sturdy trait, went to craft… and got a warning message along the lines of “warning: you are crafting Rubedite armor which won’t have the set bonus available at this crafting station”.

Basically, there are extra tabs for a crafting location set, and you need to be on the correct tab. So I shifted over to the set tab and cranked out 5 pieces, upgraded them all to epic (purple).

It was then I noticed, mistake #1, the study trait was missing. What happened was when I moved from the regular set tab to the location set tab, the default moved back to “no trait”.

Argh! Oh well, deconstruct all the stuff to recover some materials, and try again.

I did all that stuff, crafted 5 pieces, upgraded to epic, and then recalled to Rimmen to craft glyphs. The recommended glyphs for the Seducer pieces are 2 stamina, and 3 magicka. So I made epic glyphs, and applied them to the armor…

That was mistake #2. See, applying glyphs binds the armor to the character.



Deconstruct all the stuff to recover some materials… grrr.

On attempt 3, I made the armor with the trait, made the glyphs and didn’t apply them, and then stuck them all into the bank for Wayness (my tank) to collect and perform final assembly on.

That was a painful lesson in crafting. Fortunately it was for myself, if somebody had paid me to craft for them (or supplied the materials) I’d have lost 2x the raw materials and felt pretty dumb. Wait, the feeling dumb part still happened.

The other armor set, Akaviri Dragonguard, is an overland set from Eastmarch, so I’ll be questing along there as well as doing delves and dolmens looking for weapons and jewelry. Until I get the pieces, I’ll wear Ebon armor in those slots.

Soon I’ll try queuing for normal dungeons and trying my hand at tanking. And of course tanking for my friends. We had great success 2-manning several dungeons, 3-manning may let us work through DLC dungeons and the ones that were problematic for duos.

ESO – Housing

Housing in ESO is very functional. For one, each house is a free recall point. So the more houses you buy the more locations around the game you can freely recall to. You can build up a secondary portal network for yourself. And yes, that’s expensive. But a few houses here and there are cheap and extremely handy.


First would be Mara’s Kiss Public House in Auridon. This house is the absolute closest to a Wayshrine of any (affordable) house I’ve seen. Just recall outside the house, which puts you steps from the inn door, which is steps from the wayshrine.

Another handy house is Snugpod in Grahtwood. This house is already outside, so if you recall outside the house, you are good to go. The Undaunted Enclave is just up the road, guild traders nearby, all sorts of stuff in Elden Root. Even if it is annoying to navigate that city.

Up there in usefulness is Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret, in Mournhold, because Mournhold offers an Undaunted Enclave, Fighter’s and Mage’s guilds, Master Writ turn ins, and the usual other stuff.

My friend is more familiar with Wayrest, but there isn’t a cheap house for sale there – the one in the city is Gardner House for a cool 1 million gold. The other capital with nice services is Elden Root and the zoning around is annoying. So all my chars visit Mournhold for Undaunted/Fighter/Mage stuff. Well OK, Elden Root is fine if all I need to do is Undaunted. 😉

Saint Delyn Penthouse in Vivec City is nice to have also, because Vivec has a fantastic crafting/writ layout. All the stations are in a circle around 2 banks!

For a larger home, I recommend doing the Northern Elsweyr zone quests in order to get the Hall of the Lunar Champion, plus the first wing. No cost, gigantic, and Rimmen is a good city for to base out of as well.


OK, this is essentially expected. A housing system that doesn’t let you decorate? The playerbase would just ignore the entire system.

Decorations come from many sources: crafting, dungeon trophies, the antiquities system, purchases.

I’ve devoted one corner to the boss trophies from doing dungeons with my friend. Outside houses the larger items, mostly antiquities. It’s fun to display these items.


So ESO housing offers lots of decorating possibilities, and a free travel network with locations sprinkled all around the world. But what elevates ESO housing above other games I’ve played, as far as housing usefulness, are services furnishings.

Disclaimer: I’m not rich enough in FF14 to try out what is available there. But I get the idea items are mostly along the decorating and visual appearance side of things.

Services Furnishings are things like:

  • Mundus Stones – those buffs available from rock pillars on the landscape. Got a few you switch between? Install them in your home and don’t spend time riding out to them.
  • Crafting stations – are you a hardcore crafter and get tired of someone’s pet blocking the crafting station? Install one in your house!
  • Training dummies – want to test your DPS? Practice a new combat rotation? Get a damage sponge that doesn’t fight back, pair with an Aetherial Well to recover faster in between bouts.
  • Storage chest – keep things here to separate them from appearing at crafting stations.
  • Assistants – you can have your own merchant, banker, and fence for convenience!

I don’t have any of this stuff, other than the merchant and banker, and I’m very close to unlocking the fence. Some of these items (training dummies, perhaps a key mundus stone or two) are almost expected for a guild house.

Speaking of guild housing… I don’t think there is any specially designated guild house. It’s just a house that a guild member owns where they have set the permissions to allow visitors. Typically that would be the guild leader, but I don’t think it has to be. If you want to visit, find that player in the roster and “travel to house”.

In LoTRO, if the kinship has a kin house, you get a special recall ability to it. In FF14, your Free Company Estate House will appear in your teleport menu.

EDIT: as Sylow notes in the comments, ESO’s housing system allows a guild to split various functions between multiple homes. I had not thought of this advantage!


I’ve been pretty lucky with guilds in various games. I’ve never researched or pursued one, I either respond in chat to a general recruitment pitch, or accept a blind invite, or actually know somebody in real life and they add me to their guild (this is the preferred method but obviously is not always available). And it has worked out well.

In LoTRO on Anor, one of the earlier Legendary Servers, I saw a guild recruiting in world chat and joined up. I am embarrassed but I can’t remember the name of the guild, I think it was Council of the North, but I didn’t wind up playing on Anor much and I have been since kicked out. Which is fair, guilds need active players, not ghosts.

Way back in Guild Wars, I was blind invited to a guild named The Helpful Guild (THG). Maybe not the most threatening sounding guild, but the players were indeed chatty and helpful. Recruitment went well and we had a core of half a dozen who were frequently on (including me) and loved to run the missions. Over time the leader of THG got busy with real life and stepped back but it was fine because by then we had an allied guild, Sacred Forge Knights (SFK), that was double our size so as I remember it, we basically were absorbed. And continued in the same vein except with twice as many players. Good times until GW2 released and we sort of dissolved with players split between the games and so forth.

In WoW Retail around the Warlords of Draenor time, four coworkers played (!!) so I subbed and joined their guild, The Honor Guard, which was funny because it also had the initials THG. The playerbase may have hated WoD but it was the high point for me in WoW because I played a healer (mistweaver monk) and had a raid spot. It was a ton of fun because the guild was chilled out, we weren’t pursuing world firsts or any of that stuff, just having fun trying to beat the content and having decent success. Good times but unfortunately, real life conflicts cropped up and I had to stop raiding.

In LoTRO in the 2007-2009 era, the heydey I suppose, I joined the Keepers of Ayrshire. I had a friend I knew from Guild Wars and she joined Keepers of Aryshire, and then suggested I joined. We played together in GW but were never in the same guild until Keepers of Aryshire, which we found amusing. This was great, lots of groups to try out dungeons, guild events (I wrote a quiz where the answers were taken from the deed log), raiding. After 2010 the guild started to thin out mostly because players wanted to try out some different games. And in that era of 2010-2012 there was stuff coming out constantly or already launched. I remember players talking about Age of Conan, Secret World, Rift, Guild Wars 2, etc. Nobody’s fault but I think we were a good example of the recruitment adage: if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

So when I see guilds constantly recruiting… I understand. You have to in order to stay healthy, active, viable.

ESO – Lots of Quests

ESO has a lot of stories to tell.

There is the base game main quest (starts with “Soulshriven in Coldharbour”). Each zone in the base game has a storyline, where you are generally saving the population from some threat, and as you progress you convince various races to join an alliance.

Each DLC has a storyline. Each guild has a storyline (and skill line too) – except the Undaunted with no real storyline. But they do have 4 NPCs happy to give you daily quests. My favorite is Maj al-Ragath who occasionally makes fun of you.

She is, of course, taunting you to motivate you to be the fierce warrior she knows you are.

Each dungeon has a quest associated with it, as far as I’ve seen. Same thing with each delve, and each public dungeon. And then are the dozens and dozens of side quests in each zone.

So if you enjoy the content, you will not be bored. There is a massive amount available!

I’m going for completionist – sort of – on my main, Mayzib the Magicka Templar. I’ve done the Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and am working on Psijic Order. My alt Sarroc the Stamina Warden, also my criminal character, is advancing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and has completed Dark Brotherhood but not the last quest for Thieves Guild (need higher reputation to get it).

My main has finished the main quest and is currently working on Cadwell’s Silver. What’s that one? Well once you finish the main quest you get the option of doing the zone quests (and some side quests) of 2nd alliance (Cadwell’s Silver) and then the 3rd alliance (Cadwell’s Gold). Since I’m a Dark Elf in the Ebonheart Pact, Cadwell’s Silver sends me out to the Daggerfall Covenant where I’ve finished what is required in Glenumbra and Stormhaven, and am at Riverspire. Yes I’m just going in the listed order.

You don’t need to do all the zone quests for Cadwell’s Silver/Gold, but I am because I like to grab the extra skill points available. For instance, in Rivenspire I just need to find/complete what is listed… for me the easiest way to do that is just play the zone storyline and then search for the side quests (if any) to complete the Almanac entry.

For various reasons I jumped out of order and have completed the Craglorn storyline, Western Skyrim zone storyline (because I wanted Winter’s Respite gear), and the Northern Elsweyr zone storyline (because I wanted my Hall of Lunar Champions and first wing). However my plan it to largely do the DLCs in order. Except once again I might jump Southern Elsweyr to the top because I want the second wing of my mansion. 🙂

For a while I was also doing zone completion, but that adds a lot of time. It’s fun time, but I decided to expedite my travels through the game and concentrate on zone storylines before side quests. However, I am achievement driven and plan to circle back to get completion on zones.

There’s always exceptions to be made, and gear is one of them. If an overland gear set has pieces available from side quests, I’ll do those. E.g. Mother’s Sorrow gear from Deshaan; Briarheart gear from Wrothgar. On the other hand, those can usually be purchased at guild traders.

I find the zone guide very useful – I like looking at it and see it all filled in.


I like having a storyline to follow in an MMO.

The first one I played, Asheron’s Call, didn’t have that. In contrast, the second one I played, Guild Wars, did and I really enjoyed it. I liked advancing the plot, I enjoyed the missions; same with the expansions Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North.

Fast forward a bit to LoTRO and it’s lengthy storyline. I love that. In fact I’m looking forward to starting on a new server and progressing through Vol 1 Book 1 to …checks wiki… The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves.

ESO also has a storyline, multiple storylines actually. There’s the original main quest of the base game (starts with Soulshriven in Coldharbour), a storyline for each zone, a storyline for each guild… plus the usual boatloads of side quests.

FF14 has a very long MSQ (main sequence quests) that leads you through the game. In fact you need to go through it to unlock feature like mounts, airship travel between cities, the ability to return to an aetheryte crystal, joining a Grand Company, the ability to swap classes/jobs… Heck entire zones are unlocked as I found out. I tried to run across the Dravanian Hinterlands to get into Idyllshire early to buy some armor, but that doesn’t work because you can’t get in until you, you guessed it, advance the MSQ.

Another MMO with a great storyline that I’m not currently trying to juggle into my rotation is Secret World, oops I mean Secret World Legends. I got stuck and couldn’t pass a mission to advance the plot and rage quit after trying a half-dozen times. Well partly rage quit – I didn’t delete my characters and then rant on the forums. I just stopped playing. Maybe I’ll try again…

ESO – Dailies

I’m not returning to this game, like FF14 and LoTRO. I’m actively playing! I have a nice routine in ESO consisting of various dailies, which is the bulk of what I do (have time for) during the week. On the weekend, I can play a bit longer, meet up with my friend, and do some other stuff (group content).

One of the dailies is the Undaunted Delve. Since delves are designed to be soloed, they go pretty fast. Even my lowbie tank (Stamina Dragonknight) can do them – sometimes the longest part is riding out to a delve I haven’t been to on that character.

What makes the extra trek to a new delve nice is getting the skyshard inside it!

Turning in the quest levels my Undaunted skill line, AND my companion’s Undaunted skill line. Since my Dragonknight and Warden have not maxed out their Undaunted skill yet, I do this daily on them as often as possible.

Related to that is the Fighter’s Guild daily, to investigate and clear Dolmens in some random (base game) zone. Turning this in results in a substantial bump to Mirri’s rapport, so I rotate doing them on all characters. (Companion gear and level are shared, but rapport is per char). It also levels the Fighter Guild skill line, but in my experience that is easy to max out because you get credit for killing daedra and it seems like those are 50% of the monsters you fight.

Bastian’s rapport increases with Mage Guild dailies which involve getting an artifact out of a public dungeon, generally from the skill point challenge area. Given a public dungeon also has a skyshard, each new public dungeon is worth 1 1/3 skill points, plus Bastian rapport!

Same caveat as the Undaunted Delve – it takes longer than average the first time you are in a zone, from traveling to nearby Wayshrines. Not all zones are equal as far as Dolmens: Alik’r Desert’s are all very close to Wayshrines; I’m not sure which zone is overall farthest… hm I’ll pay extra attention and decide. Maybe Bangkorai or Reaper’s March?

Sometimes I do the Harrowstorm daily quests. There are two, one in Solitude (Western Skyrim) and one in Markarth (The Reach). One harrowstorm completes both quests, so quite efficient. Recently, I think around the time Blackwood launched, there was a good chance to get new motifs from Harrowstorms in The Reach, so tons of players would show up and the Harrowstorm pike’s would go down in about 10 seconds followed by the boss in about 10 more seconds. Now it isn’t quite that fast, but still reasonably doable as enough players are still doing them.

I can solo a Dolmen on each character; I cannot solo a Harrowstorm on anyone. So if it looks there aren’t enough players I just zip out of the Harrowstorm.

Lower key are the new-ish Endeavor dailies and weeklies. These award a currency that can buy items in the store, so it is a way to get the cool mount only for sale by playing the game and not spending extra cash. The dailies are a list of 5 of which you can only complete 3, and weeklies are a list of 3 of which you can only complete 1. They typically offer a PvP oriented one, a crafting one, and then whatever, and aren’t too bad to finish at least one in the given time.

UESP has a list of available dailies, and the number is staggering: 434. Some of PvP, some are event only, but subtracting those out still leaves plenty to keep you busy. 😉

There are also writs (crafting dailies). My Magicka Templar is my crafter, so all materials go there (easy since I’m an ESO+ subscriber and the crafting bag handles that), all recipes, and all motifs. I’ve hit the sufficiency point where the material rewards from the quests generally grant enough stuff to make the next batch. I don’t really go out of my way to farm anything anymore and I really like that. If I’m walking right by a resource node, I’ll grab it of course.

I invested a skill point or two into Chemistry, Chef, and Brewer. Basically I create extra product every time I craft potions, poisons, food, or drink, so many times I pick up a writ and have already completed it (as far as Provisioning or Alchemy) due to leftovers from a previous writ. This saves materials and is extra nice for master writs which generally have you crafting 16 of such-and-such.

What also helps is an efficient crafting station layout. I’ve tried a bunch of cities and the best is easily Vivec City. The crafting area has all 7 crafting stations in the same area, the writ boards, and a bank. The quartermaster turn in is reasonably close.

Next best I’ve found is Rimmen, with all crafting stations there, most with an extra copy of the station, the writ boards, and ok distance to the quartermaster. Unfortunately the bank isn’t convenient… on the other hand this doesn’t bother me because I spent my most recent ESO+ crown stipend on the banker personal assistant.

I don’t go to the bank – the bank comes to me!

ESO – Pan-Elsweyr Celebration

ESO holds special events all the time. Anniversary events, DLC showcase events, etc. Currently there is a Pan-Elsweyr Celebration offering bonus loot, event rewards… the kinds of things playerbases in games go crazy for.

And since they are showcasing Elsweyr and Dragonhold DLCs, if you don’t happen to own them, they are on sale for 50% off. What a coincidence!

I dropped the ball on a previous event and didn’t get enough event tickets in time to unlock a fancy mount. I am not planning on screwing up again. I’ve planned this out and I need 12 more event tickets. Since you can get 2 per day, I have just enough time to get those tickets before the event ends Aug 3.

The great thing about these events is the large crowds that will pursue the tougher daily quests. For this event the tougher dailies are world bosses and dragon slaying.

My world boss daily for Dragonhold was to kill Iratan the Lightbringer and collect a few items. There are so many players waiting for him to spawn that when he does appear, he melts in seconds. Sometimes you spend more time waiting the collect the other quest items than you do fighting the boss. You definitely spend more time waiting for him to spawn than fighting. And if you space out for more than 5 seconds (ok maybe 8 but definitely less than 10), you might not land a hit and then you get to wait for the next respawn…

That’s fine with me. If I wanted a bigger challenge I can wait until the event passes and get stuck trying to solo or perhaps small-group fight a world boss.