Ok I’ve been off taking a break from MMOs and computer gaming in general actually. Been playing some roguelikes, newer ones that the good old Moria I use to play back in the day.

Anyway, today I upgraded my Windows PC to Win 10. And it went smoothly overall, except for one minor issue – graphics driver is not doing so well. Instead of the lovely 2560 x 1440 resolution I have become accustom to, I am getting a whopping 1024 x 768.

So it appears I’m getting some generic video driver that does let me set the less-barbaric 1280 x 1024, but that is still far short of a decent resolution for anything much in the modern era. Perhaps I will keep playing roguelikes a bit longer… 😉

Windows update does see a newer driver is out there, but fails to download it.

Win10 Update Error
Win10 Update Error

It seems to be some variant of “File Not Found”. Great.

I went straight to the nVidia website and downloaded the Win 10 353.62 WHQL drivers. Straight from the source, those have got to work, right?

Nope. After a reboot the driver “fails to install while the Add New Hardware Wizard is open” (which it was not) and then it is wedged. It won’t uninstall, and it won’t reinstall:

nVidia install error
nVidia install error

It’s crap like this that makes we want to junk my PC (well, install linux onto it) and just do my gaming on a PS4 or my Mac or my iPad. I can get ESO and FFXIV for the PS4 plus several other games I’ve been eyeing (Witcher 3 now, Fallout 4 later), play the indie-type games on my Mac (my Mini only has integrated graphics so while I can run GW2, LoTRO, and various other games, it is a strain), play the mobile implementation of various boardgames on the iPad, and not have to deal with all this crap.

I’ll fiddle some more, but I have a bad feeling that I’m going to end up clean installing.

On the bright side, the partially failed nVidia install did let me bump my resolution to 1650 x 1080. Which still looks like garbage since that isn’t the native resolution of my nice monitor.

Anyway, the morale here is: don’t be in a rush to upgrade to Win 10. Let early adopter morons like me hit all these problems. 😉