Captain Hiatus

I haven’t been good about playing the various MMOs I have. On the one hand I want to fix that, but on the other, I know this will self-correct. One weekend I’ll just feel like playing some other game and it will catch my attention for a while.

In the meantime, I’m having tons of fun in LoTRO!
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LM Traits followup

I tried a few of the defensive skirmishes, which plays nicely to someone new to MoNF. In a skirmish I get my soldier, and in a defensive skirmish I have NPC help (they have to survive, but that usually isn’t a problem) too, plus the enemies naturally bunch up.

I found out that defending an area and lighting it on fire with ISG is fantastic!

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Cosmetic Hauberks

I’m not normally into cosmetic items. I make reasonably “attractive” character models, or at least avoid really ugly ones – after all I gotta spend hours staring at my char while playing, they need to look decent – but since I typically play in 3rd person with the camera hovering a ways back, I’m not seeing a screenfull of the char. They usually have a cloak so I really just see some flapping cloth, when I’m not otherwise fighting or crafting or traveling, etc.

But then I did something and saw my Lore-master Aillas wearing his random collection of quest rewards and/or crafted gear, and it looked bad. Terrible actually!

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