EVE – Exploration

Last time I played Black Desert Online I was idly thinking about sandbox gameplay and comparing BDO with EVE Online. I wasn’t yet invested into BDO and had good memories of EVE… and right about then came the subscription renewal offer of $0.99 for 10 days. Well I couldn’t pass that up!

So I logged in and enabled my account and downloaded the game. Of course EVE requires some extra work – I also got the latest version of EVE Mon and EFT, setup my API keys and got ready to play.

I had a plan – exploration. What I always wanted to try out was fitting an exploration vessel and wandering low/null sec looking for data or relic sites. I came close when I joined a Foo’s Wormhole Corporation, but wound up doing Planetary Interaction. This made OK ISK but was a little boring and repetitive, especially the long hauls to market and back.

Exploration didn’t go that well in wormholes because the data/relic sites are guarded by Sleepers. But in low/null sec, that isn’t always the case.

So the plan was to explore in known space (k-space) rather than wormhole space (w-space), in my spiffy Heron or (preferably) Buzzard and perhaps see some of the sights of New Eden, for instance the Titanomachy monument in B-R5RB, for myself.


It’s only 21 jumps away!

First I had to read up on exploration to help refresh my memory, and I found these pages to be useful:

Then I had to… wait because this overlapped the double AP event in TSW and I didn’t want to miss that. I figured I had been away from EVE for a year, it could wait a year and a day (I jumped on the 10 day special here and that time went to training up skills, so not entirely wasted).

Anyway, with some time to put into EVE, I logged in with the goal of purchasing ships and the needed modules and fitting the ships. I remember from before it sometimes takes a good hour or two to make the purchases – fly to various stations for better prices, collect everything in the same station, fit each ship, etc. Argh.

In another session I’ll practice scanning. This was something I had to do every time I wanted to leave the wormhole, but I’m way out of practice.

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