FF – Haukke Manor

Once again, I reached a dungeon in the main storyline quest – Haukke Manor. And once again, the amazing Mizztek provides a great overview because I hate going into group content with no idea what’s coming.

It looks straightforward so I queued up as a Summoner when I had some time. When I’m more familiar with the fights I may try queueing as a healer (i.e. Scholar). But I need to sort out some stuff first, get familiar with the skills, etc. before going live with other players. 😉


The fights went very smoothly, we hit no issues other than our tank disconnected before we had to go upstairs. She was waiting up the stairs by the time she reconnected and the rest of us ran back… it almost seemed like this was planned as a way to respawn at the start without travel. But probably not.


The final fight wrapped up and I was slow on the screenshot button so not pic of us with the boss down to the last few percentages of health. Oh well, perhaps I will remember next time.

I got a few equipment upgrades but nothing significant enough to bump my gear level – it is 26 and holding. I seem to do fine in dungeons, really the only difficult fight so far has been against the first Primal. That’s fine, I’m enjoying the content provided so far and have no complaints.

While advancing the the storyline more I’m going to take a minor detour and finish off my Great Company hunting log, so I can get a promotion.

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