LoTRO – Beorning Book 1

After adventuring in the Bree area, including the Barrow-downs, I reached level 18 on Yrmera. I had also been working through the epic storyline prologue and book 1.

It was a lot of fun, especially since it has been years since I put a character through that content. I criss-crossed the Midgewater Marsh trying to warn rangers of the danger of Amdir, only to arrive too late.


I chased him into the Marshwater Fort but he escaped leaving me to battle Morin, a giant spider.


After consulting with Strider, we raided a nearby Blackwold camp but were too late; Amdir had turned. We had no choice but to kill him in battle.


Later I tracked the Nazgûl to Othrongroth and knew I had to enter.

Now, Yrmera was level 18 while the recommended level for the Orthongroth instance was 21. I figure… what the heck, I might as well give it a shot. I moved through carefully, resting up between fights and using my Beorning healing skill a few times.


It went pretty well. Eventually I found myself face-to-face with Sambrog, whose quest ring conveniently let me eat some regen food before starting the fight.


Just as I nearly defeated him, Tom Bombadil showed up to zap him. What the heck, I’ll take help wherever it comes from. 😉

Yrmera completed book 1 and is now starting book 2, the Red Maid. It’s recommended level is 22 so I’ll make my way through the Lone Lands and do some questing to try to catch up. I’ll work on the epic storyline whenever I’m level appropriate (minus a level or two) rather than be completionist.

I had a lot of fun playing this quest line, I think the feel of fighting and the epic storyline is really good. Sure, many of the regular quests have you collecting stuff or killing 10 wandering mobs, but the epic quests are longer with more heroic feeling goals. The combat feels good too, as I square off against 2 or 3 enemies and defeat them.

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