GW2 – Guild Rush

I was just standing around in Rata Sum trying to figure out what to do, when I received a polite invitation to join a guild. I figured why not, check it out.

So I joined the NICE clan and after introducing and saying hi, a group got together to do a guild rush. I wasn’t sure what that was, since I haven’t been in a guild since any guild activities were added, but I went to check it out.

Guild rush is a race game where you can either defend the runner, by just keeping the path clear, or turn into a mob and gain a few specific skills, and run between flags to the finish.

The one the guild picked was Spider Scurry in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. Since Glyneth didn’t have the close waypoint in that zone, I switched over to Aurora, who did. Note to self: explore more on Glyneth and open up more travel spots!

Anyway, I started as a spider which gave me a skill to detect traps, a skill to make a clone (distract mobs), and a skill to leap. The course was confusing since I hadn’t done it before, but between taking my time to look for flags, following others, and flat out exploring randomly, I figured out the route.

I think half the purpose of the Leap skill is to make sure that players can’t just follow you the entire time to clear the path. There were a few discontinuous jumps that a player wouldn’t be able to make… however that just means more that one player team is needed.

As it happened, another guild or two were doing guild rush so the cave was filled with spiders scurrying everywhere!


It was actually quite a bit of fun. After two rounds as a spider, I switched back to Aurora the elementalist and spent a round or two helping to clear a path for others.


My score for the evening was pretty low – over two rounds of scurrying as a spider, I only completed the route… once. My guild won both rounds (15 runners finished in 15 mins) but I was only 1 of the 30 completions we had. In my defense it took me a round just to figure out where to go and then I kept dying midway through a run.

Overall, it was a good time. I’ll have to check out the schedule of guild activities and try to make one a week.

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