WS – Gallows Hub Questing

I hadn’t played Wildstar in a bit so I was eager to get back in and quest. I left off Summer standing in Gallows, an early outpost (quest level around level 10-12).

It took a few minutes to remember how to play – more specifically, that moving around and mobility is an important part of this game. Unlike others where you kind of just plant yourself, target the enemies, and fire off your skill rotation. You do that too here, but you can jump, dodge, and move out of the way of incoming attacks which makes it a nice break and fun for me.

Quest themes, for the Exiles at least, center around Wild West tropes but set in a sci-fi future. I rescued some miners from sentient rocks, sabotaged illegal distilleries (a feud between NPC factions), stole information for my allies, and advanced the storyline a quest or three.

Sizing up Agnes
Sizing up Agnes

I received some nice gear upgrades and most importantly, a coat that covers my buttocks. Looking back at some old screenshot it appears the gear I had for a few levels was basically a bikini bottom. Now I have a nice overcoat, much better. 😉

New Outfit
New Outfit

I figured out the Action Builder and AMP screen, the two screens where you customize your build by picking skills, their upgrade levels, and further percentage tweaks. I’m still fuzzy on crafting (cooking, gathering, processing) but I’ll get to that another time.

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