WoW – Pandaria Achievements

The guild on Earthen Ring is awesome in that there is an active group that likes collecting achievements. This is ideal for me because that means going back to earlier content to finish of raid tiers, even though we are all over-leveled. It makes most fights quick but they are still fun. For me it is great because I haven’t seen about 98% of that content.

Sun evening we got a group of 10 together to visit Pandaria’s Heart of Fear and Throne of Thunder raids on heroic mode. Most fights were quick, and so were most bosses but some of the mechanics still tripped us up and we had to do a few fights more than once (i.e. we wiped). But that was rare, basically we had to make a few tries at the Dark Animus and Ra-den.

Twin Consorts
Twin Consorts

For a bit of variety I switched into Spirited Crane stance to do a little DPS while still being a healer, but I decided it was easier to just stay in Wise Serpent and throw an occasional Crackling Jade Lightning.

And after about 3 hours, we completed both and everybody Exalted in the guild could buy a Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent, which I think looks awesome:

Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent

The funny thing was I was 43 reputation points short of Exalted. Doh! But on the way through Stormwind I saw a Blingtron 5000 and clicked it. Completing that quest gave me 275 points which pushed me over into Exalted, so I could then buy my new serpent mount. 🙂

It turns out the guild does one of these achievement runs twice a month. That is great timing – not too much commitment overall – and I’m getting to see more content in WoW than I ever thought I would.

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