EVE – Travel to GE-8JV

I finally had some time to travel out to Catch and in particular, the GE-8JV system where Brave Newbies is HQ’ed.

Before leaving, a friend reminded me that perhaps I should make use of my jump clones to store my implants elsewhere. Since I would most likely be podded (eventually) and lose them. My implants weren’t the super fancy ones, just +3’s, but all the same they totaled ~50 million ISK when I bought them.

I had forgotten where my installed jump clones, but after a quick look at the character sheet “Jump Clones” tab I remembered. Alentene was 24 jumps back to Agil, Stetille was also 24, Torrinos was 29, and Zemalu was 26. Good lord I guess I didn’t spread out as well as I thought or Khanid Prime and Agil are on the edge of nowhere.

Dang it, this is the thing I like the least about EVE, it just takes so long to get ready to play the game.

In the end I chose to use my jump clone in Stetile since it was the closest to Uitra, where for whatever reason I left a whole bunch of misc stuff. Including rookie ships and some +1 implants that the tutorial missions gave. I figured I might as well use those instead of my better +3 ones.

So I clicked on “Jump”… and got an error message “cannot jump while a skill is training”. Grrr, I guess it makes sense since the implants slightly lower how fast you learn. After stopping my skill queue, I jumped again and got another error message “can’t be in a ship”.

You can tell I’ve never used my jump clones before. 🙂

OK, after leaving my ship I finally was able to jump.

The first thing I did was restart my training queue. I bet a lot of players forget to do that and lose a few hours!

Then I bought some cheap ship because I didn’t want to travel from Stetile to Uitra in a pod. Since I was in a pod, I sort of had to buy whatever was available in the station – I suppose a better plan would be to leave items where the jump clones are. Oh well.

Naturally, there were no ships at the station, but there were in the system so I had to undock and zip over.

I undocked and fortunately there were no enemies in the system and I hopped over with no trouble. I bought a Griffin and departed for Uitra, manually navigating the entire way. After arriving at Uitra and plugging in a few +1 implants, I sold everything that I could. Might as well try to get rid of the junk I have spread around.

The trip back to Agil was uneventful. Even though I was low on time I decided to push my luck and try for GE-8JV. What the heck, I’ve got to get there eventually.

So I charted a new course, took a break (in the safety of the station), got a drink, and went to update my medical clone. It was set to Nourvukaiken which was kind of far away. I set it to GE-8JV so in case I got blown up on the way, I would reanimate there. I didn’t want to commit suicide in game and get the free trip – I wanted to fly out there and bring my Buzzard with me.

I undocked into multiple blinking red lines – enemies! Thank goodness I had practiced and setup the insta-undock bookmarks so just warped there immediately, and started the journey.

Danger in Agil
Danger in Agil

I arrived at the HED-GP jump gate and jumped through and saw tons of interdiction bubbles on the other side. I landed right in an unavoidable nest of them surrounding the next gate to SV5-8N. Good thing the other ships were allies.


Finally I approached GE-8JV; there was one corpmate sitting near the gate:

Final Jump
Final Jump

and I had my first view of corporate HQ.

Brave Newbies HQ
Brave Newbies HQ

It was a tense trip but I made it!

The next day, I logged in with the goal of answering a simple question: how do I get ships? I’m used to having stocked markets in hisec, or hauling everything I plan to use to a wormhole.

I searched the market and saw a lot of stuff for sale – awesome! – and around that time someone put links in chat for ship bundles: 3 frigates with associated fittings. That would be much nicer that having to buy every item individually. I bought one of the 3-packs, and then searched a bit more in the contracts section. I found even more ship bundles for sale, also 3-packs. Hovering over link didn’t reveal enough info about what was in the package (UI thing I’m sure others have complained about already) so I had to open a few. Eventually I found another 3-pack of a different ship type that I wanted to fly, and bought those as well.

Sorry about the vagueness but I’m not sure revealing the current doctrine ships and their fits is a good idea. Well, maybe the ship type since people can make some educated guesses; after all if a fleet brings EWAR frigates (for example) then there are 4 tech 1 choices, one for each race. The modules those ships are fit with might leak too much info so I won’t be going into that. Besides, I’m terrible at fitting ships – when I did solo stuff I would basically copy a fit from EVE University or some other place. There’s like a zillion modules and most require associated skills; it is just easier to work off a template with a few variations available.

Anyway, now I have my Buzzard in GE-8JV, 2 3-packs of ships to pilot, and voice comms authentication set up. I’m set to try out fleet maneuvers in EVE!

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