EVE – Wormhole PI Laziness

TL;DR – just read and follow this document for some low maintenance ways to make ISK via Planetary Interaction.

I had setup 3 factory planets: import materials, process and output various P4 commodities (Sterile Conduits, Nano Factory, Broadcast Node). According to my spreadsheet (haha, I’m playing EVE, right?!) I make about $90K ISK profit for each of these. Exact amounts vary depending on costs of the P2 commodities, but it’s roughly $90K ISK after import/export, market fees, etc.

If each factory planet can crank out 48 gizmos a day, over three planets, that is *drumroll* 4320 a month for just under $400 million ISK profit. That grows to just over $500 million a month if I built a 4th planet, and grows further if I bring in a third character.

Obviously I’d want more factory planets, but they can only go on Barren or Temperate planets, so in the system I’m in, there can be only 2 per character. It would be huge profit in a system with 6 available Barren and/or Temperate planets!

But, there is a downside… the logistics of feeding those factory planets. It involves a steady amount of purchasing materials, shipping to the wormhole, distributing around planets, collecting products, shipping to market, and repeating. Basically every day or every other day, I need to haul to market to buy/sell for another batch. There is a large outlay of ISK to buy the required goods, so my bank account(s) would constantly see-saw up and down. This isn’t bad, but shipping valuables both ways increases the window where something bad can happen.

On the other extreme is the lazy man’s approach, better documented in the link at the top. There, just make some each P2 commodities – since I have lots of Gas and Storm planets, I make Coolant and also Mechanical Parts on the Barren planets. I seem to average 350 units of each item per day, on a 3-day cycle.

Technically I set my extractors on a 2 day 23 hour cycle; that way it ends at say 9 pm, I reset them all by 10 pm, and then 3 days later they end at 8 pm to 9 pm again. If I set a 3 day cycle, if I reset the extractors 30 minutes late, it would finish 3 days later, 30 minutes later. Thus I would slowly creep later and later… however on the 2:23 cycle if I’m a few minutes late, it’s fine, and if I’m not too late, I have a buffer to work with and keep my PI reset at a consistent time.

Anyway, this setup has several advantages. It’s for the lazy, first of all. I only need to reset the extractors every 3 days, and haul to market every 2 weeks or so. I’m not that in to shipping PI items back and forth as my dominant gameplay form. Here, all the Coolant and/or Mechanical Parts are profits to realize – I don’t have a large outlay buying raw materials, so I’m only carrying valuables to market, not shipping items back to the wormhole. My bank account thus slowly grows rather than swings back and forth, which is good for my sanity.

Buying large numbers of a dozen or more items is annoying in the UI as well – the purchase goes through for the best price and you may not get the amounts you want, so then you have to buy the difference, etc.

So for now, this is what I’m doing on Summer and Autumn. They are both training Interplanetary Consolidation to 5 – that 6th planet for each will directly bump my profits up! – and perhaps Command Center Upgrades. Having extra grid is nice but that isn’t holding my back, except for one gas planet due to lengthy routing. Still, an extra planet would be better than extra power grid right now.

Aurora is training up various spaceships (Cruiser to 5, then Battleship to 4, then HM/HAM to 4) and missile skills. It turns out soloing Sleepers isn’t time effective in a Cruiser with Light Missiles so I’ll work those other one up for a while. It’s the waiting game for skills to train. Part of me wants to join Aurora to a PvP corp and do some group combat. I figure 2 wormhole PI farmers is good enough.

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