EVE – Wormhole Industry Update

I’ve been in the wormhole about a month. Much of that time I’ve spent getting used to things, scanning, getting better at scanning, making many many trips out to K-space to haul stuff into the wormhole, juggling inventory, buy a few backup items and hauling them into the wormhole, etc.

So while it hasn’t been a month of concentrated Planetary Interaction, I did finally get things setup and producing.

I’m in a wormhole with 1 barren planet, 1 temperate planet, 3 gas planets, and 3 storm planets. The only tier 4 (Advanced) commodity I can make from those available resources is a Nano-Factory.

So I have Autumn producing synthetic oil, superconductors, and polytextiles. This works out since I can make synthetic oil on a storm planet, superconductors on a storm planet, polytextiles on a temperate planet, and get reactive metals plus build the hi-tech production plant on a barren planet.

However, I also need to make fertilizer, and that needs to happen on a temperate planet. Since there is only 1 temperate planet, I outsourced fertilizer production to another character, Summer.

Anyway, so far so good and resources are definitely more abundant in wormhole planets than they were in empire space (especially hisec).

Finishing the Nano-Factories will require Summer to pick up the fertilizer, then swap ships to Autumn who will then import that plus the other tier 2 (Refined) commodities to my factory planet setup.

Speaking of that, I didn’t optimally layout my buildings, and as a result I’m 8 MW short of having 10 extractor heads:

Factory Planet
Factory Planet

8 MW! Argh. And that’s after I moved a few building closer to the launchpad by juggling routes, building replacements and shorter links, then destroying the extra. The 2 buildings with the longest links are the Hi-tech Production Plants and they are cranking away all the time; I don’t want to destroy/rebuild closer for fear of losing resources.

The annoying thing is how close I am, combined with the fact that Command Center Upgrades 5 is like a 17+ day train.

Well, I’m not missing too many Reactive Metals by only have 9 extractors instead of 10. It’s more that the next factory planet I build won’t be sloppy so it will fit 10 extractors.

Nano-Factory sale
Nano-Factory sale

Anyway, I managed to build 52 Nano-Factories, which I sold for 26.7 million ISK profit. I’ll keep better track of all the expenses and time involved for the next batch of commodities I sell.

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