LoTRO – Helm’s Deep

It seems like forever since I played LoTRO, and so I resolve to change that. I finally got around to entering the Helm’s Deep epic battle. And… without sounding like too much of a downer, I think I see why the player base didn’t get too excited over them.

It was sorta passive, a very detached combat experience. I ran around with Naerys and gave orders (not sure that was too effective) and spent most my time cranking ballistas where at least I could tell I was doing something constructive.

Small Ballista
Small Ballista

At the very end, I stayed near Gamling and fought whatever mobs threatened him. I kept my eye on the progress meter, which was stuck forever at 75%, but then it finally updated to 87.5% and then suddenly, the battle was over.

So… I wasn’t up for the next epic battle, one is enough for each play session. 😉 I know the general criticism of these battles isn’t good; as for me I’d almost prefer they be more like skirmishes – I find those fun. I shouldn’t form my opinion just yet as I’ve only done 1, and see 4 more are coming up.

Well, one at a time and then onto Vol 3 Book 14!

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