GW – Temple of the Intolerable

Even though Guild Wars 2 is almost out, I am determined to finish up the War in Kryta content.

Quest Start
Quest Start

First I went to see Princess Salma in her area in Lion’s Arch, to pick up the quest. I hurried along and spoke to Jiaju Tai and soon found myself fighting my way through D’Alessio Seaboard making my way to the Temple, where Koril the Malignant was.

Scenic Viewpoint of the Temple
Scenic Viewpoint of the Temple

Most the fights were straightforward with the usual caveat of picking the location carefully so as to avoid extra patrols. Inside the Temple, the fights were tougher as there wasn’t as much room to maneuver, and the patrol frequency was faster! After clearing for a bit, Koril was alone… with a group on the right I quickly dealt with.

Koril the Malignant
Koril the Malignant

Being the boss, he summons reinforcements when his health drops to certain levels.

I fought him by spacing out my heroes via the flags, so that Koril’s Vampiric Swarm necromancer skill didn’t hit all of us bunched up. And as we fought, I regretted not changing my build over to a Broadhead Arrow build, because Koril was able to heal with Life Transfer as well, and all I had for interrupts was Savage Shot (plus of course what interrupts I had loaded for the heroes). I’m not the greatest interrupter, and was only able to catch 40% to 50% of the ones Koril used, but the heroes did fill in a few times as well!

There was a time when the battle got really ugly – Koril was down to 25% health and summoned reinforcements, and the tide turned very quickly – only 2 heroes were left alive. I thought we would soon fail and have to start over, which would allow me to use a different build… but miraculously, both heroes survived to rez 2 others (including me), and the 4 of us were able to finish off the reinforcements to create some breathing room.

During this time, I decided to use some boosts I carry around – Armor of Salvation, Grail of Might, Powerstone of Courage – hoping the stat bumps and death penalty wipe would make a difference. Those items are valuable, but then if I hoarded them and never used them, what good are they? Never using them is like not even having them in the first place!


We kept fighting, and things started looking much better when the other two heroes were rezzed. A few tense moments later, including battling Koril’s reinforcements when he hit 10% health, and we were victorious!

After seeing Princess Salma, I picked up the next quest in the series: Mustering a Response.

One thought on “GW – Temple of the Intolerable”

  1. I’ve gained two skill points so far, with no end in sight. Heroes simply do not move to the flags once they’re on his platform, so NEVER follow that stupid advice. Once your heroes are balled up, he becomes impossible to kill due to his Life Transfer pumping all of their health into his own. Unless you have a very good set of builds on your heroes, this quest may very well be impossible to complete.

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