LoTRO – Farmer’s Faire

I felt like taking it easy, so I participated in the Farmer’s Faire. I hadn’t played my Rune-keeper Daerellaen in quite some time so I logged in on her for a bit.

Farmer's Faire
Farmer’s Faire

After speaking to the Festival Announcer, I took the tour in order to familiarize myself with the available events. First stop was to visit a fishing hole, then an Egg Scramble, and finally a Mushroom hunt.

Egg Scramble
Egg Scramble

All sounded interesting but I decided to try the Mushroom hunt first. The goal was to eat 8 mushrooms without being spotted by the farmer’s dogs.

The field was medium sized and several mushrooms spawned in the borders… the key was to keep moving and duck into another row when a dog was near. Some of the mushrooms gave a minor poison effect, while others gave a hallucination effect, with a washed-out view similar to what happens when you drink too much.

One of the more amusing hallucinations was this:

Mushroom Hallucination
I ate a bad mushroom, or perhaps the Nazgûl are mushroom lovers too.

Unfortunately I was spotted after eating 7 of 8 mushrooms! Argh… so I tried again. I failed even sooner, at only 2 of 8, due to bad luck moving from one row to another right on top of one of the dogs. Sensing this wasn’t my night for the mushroom hunt, I returned to the Festival Announcer and completed the quest, earning more tickets so I can try again later.

A Casual Stroll to Mordor has an excellent guide available for this event: Farmer’s Faire Guide.


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