LoTRO – Level 75

I finally hit level 75 on Naerys, turning in a quest at a camp just north of Thinglad. While I’m glad I made it before Riders of Rohan releases, I’m also probably the last person on Landroval to hit the level cap. 😉

Level 75
Level 75

At this point, my play style will shift a little bit (except not so much this time – more on that later).

Epic Storyline vs Questing

When I hit max level, I prioritize the epic storyline over regular questing. That’s because epic quest rewards are often nice equipment upgrades. I do enjoy regular questing and am somewhat of a completionist, so I’ll continue exploration/regular questing… after catching up on the epic storyline.

Currently, Naerys is at III 6.6 – Downriver Dangers. Goal: finish up before RoR releases!


I don’t worry too much about virtues while leveling; however at max level they are something I revisit and tweak a bit.

Naerys slots:

  • Charity – 14
  • Innocent – 14
  • Zeal – 11
  • Honour – 10
  • Valour – 10

I believe in mitigation over straight stat bonuses, which is reflected in my virtue choices (except for Valour). It may not make sense to slot Valour anymore – Naerys’ morale is hovering around 9000, so the Valour bonus of +389 (if Valour is maxed at 14) is 4%, not very compelling, especially considering some of the kill deeds I’d have to do.

Every little bit of morale helps, but the only time that 389 extra morale would literally make a difference in avoiding defeat would be in the following situation: Naerys is brought under 389 morale, and then survives the fight. After all, lowering morale via damage to 500 and then avoiding defeat means that the extra cushion wasn’t needed (the margin would have been even thinner, but still positive); meanwhile lowering morale down to 500 and being defeated anyway also means the cushion didn’t matter. But in that small space where Naerys is in a fight and gets down to 200 morale (for instance), has time to heal or drink a potion, and then goes on to survive… well then, in that case, the Valour bonus actually mattered.

So I’m considering booting mitigation and/or resistances further and slotting one of these virtues instead of Valour: Patience, Tolerance, Idealism, Compassion, Fidelity, Confidence. Idealism has a slight advantage in that Naerys already has it to 13, meanwhile Compassion and Fidelity at 12 are not far behind.


I do enjoy crafting and making gear, but I survive on quest rewards until I hit max level. Naerys is an Armourer, and will work on Metalsmith and Tailor… meanwhile Dhrun is my Tinker (Jeweler) but he’s 10 levels lower and way back at Echad Dagoras.

I’ll inventory the armor Naerys currently uses, and see if there are reasonable upgrades available via crafting. Lately, the top crafting recipes come via reputation vendors or crafting guild recipes, so I’ll also investigate there as well. (Building up reputation is one reason to peck away at exploration questing vs epic storyline).

Legendary Items

Naerys is also using the same Legendary Items she had 10 levels ago. That’s right, a Third Age level 65 club and Third Age level 65 belt (I have the Second Age LI from the epic storyline but haven’t built up its legacies yet). I just don’t have time to grind out incremental improvements. At least I’ve been leveling up secondary items and deconstructing those for shards, relics, etc. so eventually when I get new Legendary Items, I’ll have something to slot on them.

I need to figure out where to get level 75 Legendary Items – usually it is a barter NPC.


I’ll get into this in another post, since a trait loadout ties back to Legendary Items and the legacies chosen for them (i.e. pick legacies that buff the traits you choose to equip!). I’ve been using the same general class traits for many levels and am happy with them, so I’ll probably stick with my choices. I saw the Dev Diary highlighting upcoming changes for Guardians in RoR, but nothing I read made me think I need to make sweeping changes.


Skirmishing is fun – they are all quick enjoyable action with variety in settings and goals (offense vs defense). One nice bonus is earning points which are useful for other goodies, from skirmish skills to LI boosts to gear.

I don’t skirmish much while leveling – once again it is something I shift to doing at max level. If I don’t get to skirmish much, I’ll at least try out the new ones that have released.

But not so much this time

Earlier I said these play shifts usually occur, but won’t as much this time around. That’s because there isn’t much time before Riders of Rohan releases, whereas previously I’ve usually had max level chars for week/months before an expansion. Heck last summer I had plenty of time I decided to work on World Renowned! Also, I’d like to move Dhrun (my burglar) along since he’s also fun to play and my Tinker. If he doesn’t level up nobody gets new jewelry to wear. 😉

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