GW2 – More Beta Thoughts

OK, last time I said I couldn’t get into the backstory/culture of the Norn or the Charr. Well I got tired of Divinity Reach, so I changed up and tried the other options and made a Norn and Charr ranger. I figured I’d stick it out, after all the bulk of the content in an MMO is battle and killing enemies, so just embrace it. (Being tired of the human area is not a criticism of the game or ArenaNet. It has more to do with me fiddling with low level human characters over and over).

Soon I found myself meeting Rytlock Brimstone and fighting Ghostly Duke Barradin, and once again, I was killed in battle by some giant spike of damage. I’m not sure I’ve actually ever survived any intro “boss” fight on any character I’ve tried. It could be I just suck, or these fights need to be tweaked/balanced, or perhaps they serve another purpose altogether – for instance, maybe this is way that ArenaNet is introducing the “Fight to Survive” options in the Downed state… (?)

Fight To Survive
Fight To Survive

Outside the Black Citadel, I went to fill in some hearts. After brief service at the Greysteel Armory, I was summoned to the Black Citadel to meet the Tribune… and so my personal story continued.

I know there are some players/bloggers that don’t like this sort of “theme-park” MMO experience. But, I do, or I should say I like to have a storyline to follow in addition to other content and just basic exploration and fun stuff. On the other hand I can see the appeal of games more on the “sandbox” side of things, say EVE Online, where the players themselves create a significant amount of content. But a game like that requires a significant time investment where I can enjoy a somewhat guided, solo-friendly “theme-park” a little chunks of time, which is what I have available.

The in-game map draws green arrows to help navigate through the cities. Little green arrows show up, and here’s the cool part – they understand the landscape is 3-dimensional, and understand walls. Near a ramp or stairs, it just draws a few arrows leading you onwards, and when you continue on the same level, it draws a longer trail of arrows. That is awesome because the cities in this game are more complicated than the ones in GW. Trying to get somewhere just off a green star would mean dead ends, paths on the wrong level, walls that stop progress, all of which would be frustrating.

Finally, for future BWEs, I hope ArenaNet allows players to start with higher level characters, unless they are already getting enough feedback and ratings for storyline events and other content at those levels.

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