GW2 – Beta Thoughts

Like many of you reading this, I slipped out of work a little early, raced home, shoveled down dinner without chewing my food, all so I could jump into the Guild Wars 2 beta event. Here are a bunch of random thoughts.

  • I can’t get into the Norn or Charr as a race – the whole warrior culture doesn’t do it for me. Unfortunately since the Sylvari and Asura aren’t available, that meant repeating the Human story while trying out different classes. At least I picked a different origin each time (grew up in streets, raised by common folk, born into nobility) so I saw a different story line!
  • Royalty
  • I think the intro boss elemental fight needs to be toned down – the fight after defending the garrison in the Defense of Shaemoor. I was one-shotted on a Guardian and also on a Thief just running up to fight something. That’s not so fun for melee chars to be downed without a chance to do anything. I’m sure this will be balanced a little better, tone down the spike damage is all that is needed. Granted, this intro area is finished basically 5 minutes into your character so maybe it isn’t a big deal.
  • Intro Fight
    Intro Fight
  • The group events were fun, but sometimes it was so packed I could barely see what was happening. This is probably an artifact of the beta weekend and giant interest in Guild Wars 2!
  • Group Chaos
    Group Chaos
  • I really enjoyed the mesmer from GW, but the GW2 mesmer plays differently… to be more precise: I expected a difference, but this was even more than what I expected. Thus I can’t get into them just yet. Perhaps that will change at higher levels with more skills and weapons unlocked. I loved the ranger and to avoid burnout I’m not playing a ranger in beta and instead will try out new professions, like the Guardian and Engineer.
  • Noble Guardian
    Noble Guardian

I need to concentrate on one character to level during these beta events. But that’s hard for me to do given the format because I usually can’t put too many hours in over a single weekend. I’ll stick with the Guardian and hope to get more time to play this weekend. Maybe I’ll even make level 12 or so!

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