Spring Festival

I decided to take it easy this week and do some Spring Festival events. First up was learning new dance moves on Daerellaen.

Elf Dance Leader
Elf Dance Leader

Daerellaen started in Falathlorn and learned her racial dances. She also assisted gather flowers for the garden, and materials for boots, but found the shrew stomping to be distasteful and didn’t participate. She did find Maengamiel’s description of Bodo Burrows, the hobbit gardener, as a “dirty-footed, cheeky, gap-toothed guest” as hilarious.

Shire Party Tree
Shire Party Tree

After learning from Nedhrien, Daerellaen rode over the Shire and also explored around to earn a step in Tolerance and Fidelity. At the party tree, Daerellaen learned the hobbit dances, and really likes the first jig because of the twirling and hopping.

Bree-land Dancing
Bree-land Dancing

Night began to fall, but Daerellaen was excited to keep learning dance steps anyway. So she rode over to the Horsefields and patiently waited for the instruction to start. Daerellaen will explore the nearby hedge maze another time.

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