Battle of the Deep-way

I was very excited to try out the new skirmishes with the latest LoTRO update, so that was the first thing I did after updating and logging in.

I was able to PuG the other two parts of 2.5.5, and it was fun. We had trouble with the Deep-way portion because our minstrel had to leave. That meant the sole healer was a captain, and our group was already one person short. I’m the type that would rather give something a go than stand around looking for the ultimate group, so when we were discussing what to do, I enthusiastically said we should give it a try. Why not, worst case is a repair bill.

We fought decently but the central onslaught overwhelmed us. Part of that was the fact our hunter accidentally vanished midway through the fight (apparently this player had Desperate Flight adjacent to normal combat skills) so we were only four for a good chunk of the entire scenario.

Anyway, once in I noticed that the quest had vanished from my logbook. I checked the Chamber of Leadership and nobody had a quest for me. However, the skirmish was available, so I created a solo skirmish and entered. The fights were quite reasonable, and the supporting NPCs plus myself and my soldier (Naerys’ skirmish soldier is a sage) had no trouble at all. I even diverted a little bit and initiated one of the optional encounters.

Final Fight in the Deep-way
Final Fight in the Deep-way

After defending Brogur, there was one last fight (new for the skirmish I assume): Gukhmûl. We defeated him and completed the skirmish.

Afterwards I couldn’t find how to complete the quest chain; once again nothing was in my quest log and speaking to Brogur to end the skirmish didn’t lead to the next step. I checked the wiki and went to Bòsi at the Chamber of the Crossroads, and he did have a quest ring and the next step: 2.6.1.

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