Legendary Legacy Updates

I read the dev diary about the upcoming changes to the LI system in LoTRO. I’m very excited about the Legacy Replacement Scrolls. I think I can use them to make my burglar Dhrun a weapon with the legacies I’d really like: Feint Attack Cooldown, Lucky Strike Cooldown, +% Crit Chain Damage.

I’ve played Dhrun as a gambler since Moria released, and while I like it, I’d also like to try a different build and playstyle for variety. I don’t have the MM capstone legendary skill, but it looks kinda lousy so I don’t care. But I do have both Dealings Done and Practiced Bluff, which upgrade Feint Attack and Lucky Strike to Improved Feint Attack and Gambler’s Strike, respectively.

However, IFA and GS still have a base cooldown of 60s. That’s where the cooldown legacies come in. Those max out at 45s, meaning a maxed out cooldown legacy makes those skills available every 15s instead of 60s. That is huge for a combat skill.

Up until this change, LI legacies throttled switching builds, at least for me… I don’t have the time to grind out 2 Burglar weapons, one with GS cooldown and one with IFA cooldown. It takes long enough to find a weapon with those legacies and +% crit chain damage, much less deal with legacy tiers and relics. And I certainly don’t want to churn through LIs looking for a decent weapon with both cooldown legacies and +% crit chain damage! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that combination so I’d probably still be looking.

Once the update comes out, if I’m reading the dev diary correctly, I won’t have to choose, I can work towards having the legacies I want. I can take Dhrun’s current weapon with the GS cooldown legacy, deconstruct it and move that legacy to a newer weapon with the IFA cooldown legacy. Then with legacy tier improvement scrolls I can get both those legacies high enough to be decent, and be able to switch builds without the agony of grinding 2 weapons.

My legendary weapon with 2 cooldown legacies and +% crit chain damage won’t be über, but it would absolutely fit my desired playstyle and be plenty good enough for me. Any other decent legacy would be gravy. Heck, if there are enough points on a 3rd age weapon, I could conceivably also try to get Small Snag cooldown as well, just in case I ever get Little Annoyances which upgrades SS to Quite a Snag.

I haven’t played Dhrun in a few weeks – he’s questing in the Ost Galadh area of Mirkwood – partly because I read rumors of updates to legendaries. I’m glad I didn’t because by now I might have hit 65 and deconstructed that original weapon (with the GS cooldown legacy) and I’d be really sad not having that legacy to move to another weapon.

This is awesome and I’m looking forward to the update!

One thought on “Legendary Legacy Updates”

  1. Cloak of Shadows to get rid of any debuffs after and stealth back.I once accidently pulled the boss and 6 adds but still managed to kill them even though evasion and blade flurry were both on cooldown.Hall of the DamnedTop center. Down the ramp up the little stone and jump down behind the boss.Easy at level 60 cakewalk at 70.The boss as i remembered summons adds at some pont so save the blade flurry and other cooldowns until he does.

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