Minor Change of Plans

Earlier I wrote that I will try out RIFT starting in late March, a few weeks after the game opens for everyone. Now I plan to squeeze in Fallen Earth first.

While cleaning up and going through some boxes, I found a copy of Fallen Earth, one that I never installed or played! I remember getting it and then becoming too busy to play, so I put it aside, and then forgot I had it. I need to at least try the game out, after all I have the month of play included in the purchase I never used.

This is good timing actually, because I currently have 3 fantasy MMOs (LoTRO, DDO, GW) and could use the variety of a Sci-Fi one.

So I’ll install and try out Fallen Earth before RIFT, and who knows, maybe I’ll like it enough to stick around there for a while! A little extra time for RIFT to settle down would be good as well – with limited time to play I want the initial balancing out of the way, plus the login queues to be resolved (I’m not hoping their population dies, I mostly want to choose a “quieter” server and not one that winds up being out-of-control packed).

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