RIFT is Calling to me

OK, bad pun about RIFT’s division of archetypes. 😉

I’ve thought about this more, and I’m leaning towards subscribing. My chief issue from the beta was that I didn’t find a calling or build (soul combination) I enjoyed playing, and that what I’m looking for in a build is a decent PvE survivability that includes some finesse/skill – i.e. good timing or application of skills yields better results than just mashing the skills on cooldown. Something along the lines of the burglar or warden from LoTRO, the mesmer from GW, maybe even the monk from DDO (a class that can build up combination strikes for various buffs).

That’s an unfair test for RIFT, given I only played a few hours during the beta. I’m not sure it is fair to expect any game to hook someone during a brief glimpse, especially given the new class paradigm that RIFT introduces. What I saw of RIFT looked pretty good, and as for the enjoyability of a build… well I think investing some time to actually get to the mid-levels is reasonable.

I usually don’t run out and start an MMO immediately at release – I let the game shake out various issues for a few weeks. Since the game goes live for everybody in March, and for headstart subscribers this week, I’m leaning towards taking a 3-month subscription at the end of March.

I’ll try a Rogue calling character, with Ranger/Marksman/Bard souls. See how that plays at level 30ish or so.

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