Level 3 Monk

I had the evening free to spend so I played DDO, determined to reach 3rd level as a monk. It didn’t take too long, 4 or 5 available quests in Stormreach got me there.

I took Weapon Finesse and Path of Harmonious Balance as feats. Now I have several more finishing moves to learn, and these ones have nice side effects: for example, Healing Ki heals nearby allies, Grasp the Earth Dragon adds some immunities to the group, etc. So far I’ve been soloing and these are more group oriented, but either way it adds an extra dimension to my abilities.

I didn’t grab many screenshots today, but I did pose near my trainer after leveling up.

Level 3
Wearing my fancy armor

So far the monk is fun, even if combat is a bit hectic with a lot of clicking and occasional special attacks when I have enough ki. The game is fun and well-paced, each adventure is relatively short, ideal for my playing circumstances. I started moving counterclockwise through Stormreach, taking each quest (except one marked Extreme difficulty, it looked like a survival one where you face a huge stream of mobs) as I came to it. I hope there are enough left to get me to the next tier of available ones!

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