LoTRO Store Sale

I saw the announcement that virtues and stat boosts are on sale in the store, at 50% off!

That sounded good to me because I’d like to concentrate on two characters, my burglar and lore-master, so 50% off those items helps me deck out both of them.

As a former lifetime subscriber, I’m now a VIP in the new system, earning 500 points a month. Between that plus some extra tossed in (I don’t remember the details but do remember mention of it) I had about 6000 points to spend at the store. It wasn’t enough so I wound up buying more points… ARGH well that’s the point of the sale, to get you in to spend on some extras. I don’t feel bad since I’m spending some money on the game which I haven’t done, well, since I bought the lifetime subscription!

Both Dhrun (my burglar) and Aillas (my lore-master) have Empathy, Innocence, Loyalty, Tolerance, and Valour as traits, and needed a point on two on some of them. All my characters have those traits – after juggling around a bunch of different combinations, I settled on those as having nice bonuses useful across characters and content, and a reasonable amount of work to get them (i.e. I didn’t want traits that were all mostly mob kills – mix in some exploration and/or quest completion ones). Dhrun and Aillas were all 9’s or 10’s except for Valour at 8, so after a few quick purchases, they are now both 10’s across the board.

I also went nuts on stats, buying +50 to each stat for both of them, except I was 7 points short. So Aillas only got +40 on might, which I think is OK since he really doesn’t need that stat. Over time I’ll accumulate enough Turbine points to buy that last stat tome so he’ll get it eventually. 😉


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