Riverside Assassination

I worked on advancing in the War of Kryta content, by tackling Riverside Assassination. It embodies what I love and what I hate about Guild Wars.

What I love is the questing, content, fast travel, skill system, etc.

What I hate is how they amp up the difficulty by a) sending you from an outpost where you have fewer than 8 in a group – in this case Sanctum Cay with a group size of 6, b) giving you under-leveled henchmen – in this case level 15 when every mob in the quest is level 20+, and c) making ridiculously sized linked groups. At one point I shot a single mob, and he brought about 8 or 10 more… really? This is basically what hard mode is like, except you get level 20 hench. 😉

I get it, team up with somebody and you’ll have a full party of level 20’s, players and/or heroes. But nobody I knew was on, and I’m months late on this content… I don’t want to spam LFG and use up my play time. Eventually when we get full hero parties, as was recently promised, this won’t be so bad.

So I ground it out, and took a few deaths as was unavoidable when stuck with 2 level 15 hench in a group size of 6 fighting occasional swarms of 8+ mobs composed of healers, rezzers, and minion raising necromancers. The run from the rez point was also really tedious. But I’m patient, hey I’m the player that solo’ed (with heroes and hench) most of the Magumma Jungle missions on hard mode while working on Guardian titles… I did it with trapping/spirit builds, so I’d set traps, plant spirits, calling all skills on my character and the heroes, and draw the mobs. It took a lot of time, but worked.

First up I killed Degaz the Cynical, obtaining his red key. Then I worked slowly the long way around clockwise, to Ven the Conservator’s area. I had to draw the inner group outside the entry area very carefully, and then fight around the Jade Cloak in the tower in the middle of the battlefield…

Riverside Assassination
Red and Blue Keys, check

…but in the end I looted his blue key. With great delight.

After backtracking to open right gate, I cleared out a group in the courtyard. Soon I was facing a Jade Cloak, Jade Armor, Jade Bow, and Willem the Demeaning.

The initial battle didn’t go smoothly, I only managed to take down the Jade Cloak. However, with the Jade Cloak gone, the Armor and Bow went down pretty fast, which just left Willem. I flagged my group to be right on top of him, kept him dazed with Broadhead Arrow, and whittled him down.

Willem the Demeaning
About to savor Willem's demise

With my mission complete, I spoke to Princess Salma and received the next quest in the series, A Little Help From Above.

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