Wanted Quests

I made some progress on the War in Kryta content by finishing off 3 of the Wanted quests from Princess Salma.

She sent me to eliminate Inquisitor Lashona, wanted for various crimes and abuses. I found him threatening Captain Greywind in the Ascalon Settlement of North Kryta Province. The nerve!

Inquisitor Lashona
I'm here to foil your plans

Lashona refused to listen to me and sentenced everyone to death. I found this outrageously funny, because I am somewhat of a hero – slaying undead lords, envoys, gods, and destoyers… and this punk wants to fight?

After Lashona’s demise, I traveled to the Gates of Kryta to search for Inquisitor Bauer. He made no grandiose threats, and yet was a much tougher fight. However, I succeeded in ending the threat he posed.

My final target was Inquisitor Lovisa, wandering on a beach in Watchtower Coast. Worse, she was hanging around children and had brainwashed them into supporting her!

Inquisitor Lovisa
In front of the children?

I had to draw away her group bit by bit, and then her, fighting some distance from the children. Overall it went smoothly and soon I was back in Lion’s Arch Keep speaking to Princess Salma. She gave me a new quest, Riverside Assassination.

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