DDO Reroll

I decided to reroll my DDO monk as a halfling female. Part of that was driven by aesthetics – the male character model didn’t look as good. The other part was driven by the name – I used one from a book and felt the name suited a rogue better. Now I have Naerys, a female halfing monk, and Cargus the male rogue who probably won’t see much action at all.

My new self
Halfling monk, looking for adventure

This avatar just looks more like a monk than my previous male halfling, although a lot of that might have to do with the hairstyle. 😉 I did it now when I’m not very far along, rather than wait and have to spend more time getting back to where I was. I could probably spend some cash in the DDO store to change appearance, but rerolling was just as easy – it only took me 45 minutes (or less) to go from character creation to finish up the first set of Korthos Village quests.

I picked halfling again, due to the dexterity bonus. I’m generally not a serious number cruncher, like the folks who play WoW and hang out on Elitist Jerks, but for something so easy as picking a particular race for a nice bonus for the class I want to play? Count me in!

After a break for dinner, I forged ahead and finished off the rest of Korthos Island, except the final dungeon, Misery’s Peak. I’ll save that for another time.

Meanwhile, regular dungeon exploration led to:

Let’s face it, I’m single handedly saving the village! 🙂

I bet some spiders are nearby

I also completed an explorer quest, finding various landmarks, such as this Devourer Shrine.

Devourer Shrine
How do they get recruits with ugly shrines like this?

I also managed to level up to 2 rank 7, and after taking a new feat, Two Weapon Fighting, I logged off inside the tavern, satisfied with the day’s adventures.

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