MMOs like to slip in seasonal events, and Guild Wars puts on such a celebration for Halloween. I decided to stand a character in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan for this year’s event in order to collect some goodies (you can be AFK and still collect items!).

Lion's Arch during Halloween
Mad King Thorn's visit

My haul for standing around was about 150 Trick-or-Treat bags. Pretty good, but you can get 50 bags as a reward for doing some of the event quests. And that’s how it should be – actively participating in the content should be a clear benefit over standing AFK for most of the day. But it was a busy day for me so I couldn’t be in-game.

The festival lasts for another day so if I can manage I’ll try to do some questing tomorrow evening… but it doesn’t look to good in that regard.

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