Middle Earth

Earlier I mentioned I played Guild Wars obsessively until the summer of 2007. What happened that July was I tried out Lord of the Rings Onlines (LoTRO) and soon was spending all my time there. I’m a fan of Tolkien’s world (books and movies), so it is no wonder LoTRO grew on me.

It took a few weeks for me to really get into the game, since there was so much to figure out. Classes, races, crafting skills, epic quests, virtues (I just ignored these for a long time), class traits, etc. Plus just the coolness of wandering around in Middle Earth, marveling at the scenery, and exploring “famous” locations such as like Amon Sûl (Weathertop).

By the time Mines of Moria released, I had 5 level 50 characters – hunter, minstrel, loremaster, burglar, and guardian. What can I say, I like to play alts and when I really like a game, I have no problem taking multiple characters through the content.

When MoM released, I created a warden, and took that character plus 4 of my original 5 (all except my guardian) to 60 and got them outside the Mines at least to the first camp in Lothlórien. But in the summer of 2009 I had to cut back, due to moving for work and needing to put time into settling into a new area. All I’ve managed to do over the last year or so is skirmish a bit on my loremaster and burglar, and make minimal progress otherwise.

Now I’m determined to get back into the game and advance further. The classes I enjoyed the most are the loremaster and burglar, so those are the ones that will get the most attention. My loremaster and burglar were both far enough along (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien) to adventure in Mirkwood, but I decided to keep my burglar skirmishing for a bit, and only take my loremaster there. While my other characters are still viable, I can’t expect to actually get anywhere on my two favorite ones, plus play Guild Wars, and do regular stuff like sleep.

Visiting some NPCs at Ost Galadh

Rather than start Mirkwood on my burglar, I decided to level up a bit before tackling the prologue. Plus, I need to re-familiarize myself with the burglar skills. Thus, my burglar is relaxing at the Echad Andestel skirmish camp.

Dusk at the Echad Andestel skirmish camp

In the meantime, the others are only going to see occasional action, perhaps some crafting, and will mostly hang around my house in the Shire. Hey, somebody has to tend the yard!

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