War in Kryta

Tonight I wanted to progress on the War in Kryta content. So I began by running to the Shining Blade camp in the Talmark Wilderness.

Shining Blade Camp
Watching some dialog

After triggering the dialog, zoning back/forth to advance the quest, I had to travel over to Vlox’s Falls to watch my buddy Zinn put on trial. In other games, extensive travel would eat up a fair amount of time, but in Guild Wars it is as simple as hitting M to view the map, and selecting the city/outpost to travel to! (Assuming you’ve been there before to open in up).

Zinn's Trial
In the Jury Box

I returned to the Shining Blade Camp, running from Temple of the Ages, and watched Zinn be recruited by the Shining Blade. So far so good, so I mapped over to Eye of the North and stepped outside hoping to see Evennia…

Logan Thackeray
Hi Logan, have you seen Evennia?

…but instead found Logan Thackeray. Not that I hate him, but his presence meant I had to advance his quest/scavenger hunt, before moving forward in War in Kryta. It seems he wants four items:

  • 1 Birthday Cupcake – whew I happened to have a few in storage
  • 1 Drake Kabob – again, happened to have the Drake Flesh in storage to trade for this
  • 6 Votive Candles – ok, didn’t have these, so after more reading of the wiki, I saw I could do a quest which rewards 3 Honeycombs which can be turned in for 6 Votive Candles…

But I had already done this quest on Dawn (my ranger). Fortunately, Rhaenys (my mesmer) had the required quest finished, and could take “A Hunter’s Pride” for the reward. This was good since I do plan to play my ranger and mesmer as a priority.

After fiddling with my domination build, I grabbed some heroes and henchmen and cranked out the quest. Then I traded the honeycombs over to Dawn, got the Votive Candles, and saw the last item I needed was

I searched all my characters but did not have this specific alcoholic beverage. Worse, according to the wiki, it only is available during “Special Treats Weekend” which occurs around Thanksgiving! Really? ARGH!

Two guildmates were on, and I asked if either happened to have 1 spare Hard Apple Cider they could trade me in return for a bunch of other alcohol (I’m realistically not going to get the max drunkard title). There are other items Thackeray will accept, but then I wouldn’t get the “best” quest rewards. I planned to wait for the Hard Apple Cider, and make progress elsewhere in the meantime. After all, it isn’t like I’m rushing through this content – it has been there for months without me doing any of it – so if it takes ~3 weeks to get the Hard Apple Cider, that’s fine.

But in a stroke of luck for me, one guildie did happen to have that item, and traded it to me. Thank goodness I can progress without waiting for Thanksgiving (and finding the time to play that weekend). So I ran outside Eye of the North to trade the items to Logan, and watched his dialog with Gwen inside my Hall of Monuments. Geez she is harsh, poor Logan… maybe it will work out later on. I dashed outside again and found Evennia, recruiting the Ebon Vanguard.

Recruiting the Ebon Vanguard

And with that, I had to stop, satisfied with my progress this evening. Next up is traveling to Lion’s Arch to continue this quest.

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