FF14 – First Storm Lieutenant

It took me a while to figure out the squadron system. What helped a lot was the extremely informative post from Late to the Party Finder. Read it, heck read it twice if you want to know something.

I’ve been pecking away at the missions and reached First Storm Lieutenant. Huzzah!

But there is so much more to explore with the system.

For one, I’ve only done squadron missions, to promote my team, and of course the flagged squadron mission I had to pass to get my promotion to First Lieutenant.

There are also priority missions to try out, when I level them up more.

Both of these types are somewhat passive: you rejigger stats via training, possibly shuffle members around (but I am sticking with my current team of 4. I did make a swap in the not-too-distant past after I realized my squadron had 2 tanks. Oops.), send them off and check 18 hours later.

What I’d like to try out is a Command Mission, where I enter a dungeon accompanied by 3 of my squad members! Doing 5 unique command missions is a required for final promotion to Storm Captain.

Furthermore, I’d like to run a dungeon with my squadron with me as tank, so I need to level up Marauder just a bit more to level 20…

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