Blaugust 2021

Woohoo, I joined the Silver Club 2021, collecting the silver medal.

It was… tough. Major kudos to folks who could join Gold or Rainbow Diamond.

I’m not sure I could do 31 tweets a month, much less blog posts!

Since I decided to rotate among games, it did “force” (in scare quotes because playing games isn’t exactly onerous. It’s one way I relax, haha) me to log in and spend some time in various games. Where my natural tendency is to binge a game until I reach some natural break, pause, then go to another game and repeat.

I’m gonna try my hand at balancing playtime in game better going forward. Which means ESO and FF14, and then as a second priority, LoTRO and DDO. This is already too many MMOs for a sane person to play to we’ll see how this works.

I’m also celebrating a minor milestone: this is my 500th blog post. And the blog will reach 11 years old soon. O_o. Mind boggling. In a good way. 🙂

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