EVE – Moving out of the Wormhole

Okay so I’ve been a slacker the past few weeks in EVE and have barely maintained the Planetary Interaction I have going in the wormhole. To that end, I decided to take my main/combat pilot out of the Wormhole and go out to null sec somewhere and try my hand at Exploration. I still have two chars farming planets, but I figured I’d do something else with my main/combat pilot. Like pick out a null-sec system and go exploring to see what I find.

So I scanned for the exit and found it led to Arzanni, a system that is kind of out on the edge, not close to anything like a trade hub. OK, so this isn’t the time to have my PI farming alts load up and take good to market, obviously.

I looked around and saw that Arzanni was at least close to Khanid Prime, which appears to have reasonable services. So I flew Aurora there in the Buzzard, taking care to bookmark the K162 wormhole first.


Aurora left behind various supplies, and a Drake. I’m not rich enough to leave the Drake, so I wanted to go back to get it.

After getting to Khanid Prime, I looked to buy a cheap ship to fly back to the wormhole. I settled on a Caldari Shuttle for 25K ISK. Since I was really just making a one way trip (flying a different ship back) I just wanted cheap.

I spent another 9 mins (yes I timed it) getting back to the wormhole, switching to my Drake, and flying that back to Khanid Prime. Which took 22 mins because the Drake is slower.

At this point I also wanted to grab my other stuff, which meant buying a Badger and doing another round trip between Khanid Prime and the wormhole. As much as I like EVE, the time spent just setting up to do something else is crushing my will to play. I wanted to stop, but the wormhole would collapse and reappear in another system, possibly quite far away from Khanid Prime.

After I bought a Badger for 1.25 million ISK, I flew back to the K162. Time elapsed: 18 mins. In the wormhole I scooped up all of my stuff out of the Personal Hangar Array and flew back to Khanid Prime, also 18 mins.

Finally, I had Aurora’s stuff out of the wormhole and can gear up for null-sec exploration in the future. It just took me 68 mins plus the initial trip I forgot to time, and a bit extra for buying ships and loading gear. Makes the WoW Garrison upkeep look optimized in comparison. 🙂

Being back in known space has some other advantages too – I can do normal missions available from various agents for example. I don’t need all of my chars in the wormhole.

Anyway, you may ask – if you want to explore, why don’t you do that in the wormhole? Ah… great question, and the answer is that the relic/data sites in wormholes are guarded by Sleepers, who are too tough for me to fight in my exploration ship, since I don’t have a tech 3 cruiser. I’ve heard that out in regular null-sec, relic/data sites aren’t always guarded, making ninja-looting and sneaky exploration possible. I’ll have to dodge players, but there is a chance there won’t be any around. So I want to try that out, meaning I need to take my character and stuff out of the wormhole.

2 thoughts on “EVE – Moving out of the Wormhole”

  1. Class 1 through Class 3 wormholes have null-sec type data and relic sites. They do not have sleepers as they are exactly like those that appear in null sec. Something to consider if you find null problematic.

    1. I was doing all my exploration in a C1, and there were always sleepers at every data and relic site. Maybe they were unguarded originally but now they are, or I’m very unlucky.

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