WoW – Another Boost

I haven’t quested much lately, just a bit on Suldrun to complete one more step of the Nagrand storyline. I quested some on Aurora, my druid, and hit level 39.

It’s tense for me, questing on a PvP server. Simple things like opening the map and figuring out where to go, or reading the quest text, are risky. It’s a little nicer on the druid, since I can stealth and do some recon or hide, but it isn’t perfect as a flying high level char can still drop in from above and one shot me.

Normally questing and leveling up is something I enjoy, but here on an open world PvP server, I am reluctant and don’t look forward to it. Something is wrong…

I have 3 friends on Gorgonnash, but only one of them is really around right now: one joined a raiding guild, another hasn’t logged in much since WoD released. I also have 2 friends on Earthen Ring, and both seem very active as their guild is bigger and they are raiding in High Maul.

Earthen Ring is an RP server. I’m not sure how much RP actually happens, but the key thing there is RP servers are a variant of normal PvE servers. Those server rules would be much more enjoyable for me to play under.

After thinking it over for a bit, I decided to boost another char on Earthen Ring. And I chose another monk. I enjoy the class! Having the flexibility between DPS, tank, and healing is great. On a PvE server, I won’t miss stealth since I won’t be flagged PvP unless I do it by accident (typically by wandering too close to outpost guards).

I’ll have more fun questing/leveling in general, since I wouldn’t be a potential target all the time, wouldn’t have to deal with what I believe is a broken PvP design (I could rant for a while on WoW’s implementation) and the Earthen Ring guild appears large enough for raid attempts. The guild on Gorgonnash consistently has 4-6 people logged in, which is more active than guilds in other MMOs I’ve played, but 10-12+ is the magic number to start raiding. While I have plenty of fun doing dungeons (5 man content) I’d like to have the option to join in raids with my guild.

I could just transfer Suldrun over, but I want to have a presence on Gorgonnash too so as to continue playing with that group. I’m used to playing at least two characters in every MMO, so this would be similar to that except the two chars would be on different servers. By choosing the same class, no matter who I play I’ll be working on my “monk” skills, be they tanking or healing. Oh that’s another thing, I’m going to level on Earthen Ring as Brewmaster (tanking spec).

Suldrun (on Gorgonnash) has a future that might only involve Garrison stuff and instances. I can see how far you can advance a character without leaving your Garrison! 😉

The boost would save me from leveling to 90 on Earthen Ring, just to get to Draenor… besides, I’ve seen that life is better as a high level char. The quests pay enough gold to allow self sufficiency and I like the garrison mechanic. I’d be able to complete the storyline in Draenor in relative peace and under enjoyable circumstances, rather than dealing with the random attacks and so on.

Syp posted about how miserable it can be questing on a PvP server… I was basically where he was weeks ago but rather than transfer I’m going to boost a 2nd char.

Mailboxes in Pandaria

I created a Pandarian a few weeks ago, back during the anniversary celebration where every new character got mail from the “WoW Dev Team” with a pet. The pet is account unique, meaning every char created during that time gets it, but only one can add it to your collection. Every other char gets to manually delete the pet, which is annoying.

Even more annoying is this Pandarian character can’t get the mail in the first place – because there are no mailboxes in the Pandarian starter zone. They were all removed to prevent cross-faction mailing. And since the mail contains a “unique” pet, I can’t delete the character until I get the mail.

Basically, if I want to reuse the char name, I need to play through the entire Pandarian starter zone in order to leave for Alliance/Horde areas where I can finally get this damn mail. When I do get the mail, I’ll immediately delete the pet since it doesn’t do me any good (already received it and added it to my collection). Then, I can finally delete the char.

The FAIL here is mind boggling but it’s what I’m stuck with. I’m going to have to waste time playing a char I want to get rid of in order to get an email that is useless but preventing me from deleting the char. Good lord.

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