WoW – Garrison Changes

I saved up enough gold and garrison resources to upgrade to a Level 3 Town Hall a few days ago. I built an Enchanter’s Study as my new small building, a Barn as my new medium building, and a Dwarven Bunker as my new Large building.

I also have an Alchemy Lab, Storehouse, Lunarfall Inn, and Barracks.

That was the original set of buildings… I’ve since gone back and changed a few things out.

The Barracks is useful since it lets me assign a follower as a bodyguard, which makes them appear in Draenor zones. Well, I’m not sure how useful that actually is – my reason for doing that would be to discourage PvP, but I’m not sure how effective a deterrent an NPC bodyguard in playable zones actually is. In any case, the Barracks eventually raises the follower limit to 25, and that is useful.

The Dwarven Bunker lets me create work orders that give a chance for follower items, and also increases the chances of getting missions that give follower items. I’ve been doing follower missions diligently; indeed they have been responsible for several recent equipment upgrades, so this building is also useful.

The Lunarfall Inn gives random dungeon quests, plus has an NPC that can recruit specific followers. That’s decent enough for now, but I’m probably under utilizing this building.

The Enchanter’s Study will let me disenchant items and create enchants, so that is useful as well. Otherwise it means relying on friends and/or what’s up for auction; having some avenue for independence is nice. Except, if I run the math, I might be better off just selling gear that I would disenchant, and buying off the auction hall.

The Barn… well let’s just say after a day or two, I decided to replace the Barn with a Lumber Mill. The barn lets me trap animals and get fur/hides from them, but the Lumber Mill lets me earn garrison resources faster. Which I can use to upgrade buildings, send followers out on missions, or queue work items at the Dwarven Bunker. So for me, that is much better since I expect to use my followers to grab better gear for themselves and for me too.

While I appreciate the convenience of my own Storehouse – it saves me a trip to Stormshield to use the bank – I decided to replace it with a Salvage Yard. That plus the Dwarven Bunker lets me equip my followers faster.

I was considering a Tannery, since it would be nice to craft my own armor. But I’d have to upgrade it to a level 3 Tannery to make any armor that is an improvement so ultimately I decided on the Salvage Yard. Plus, Suldrun doesn’t have skinning (as a profession) so that means I’d need a Barn.

It looks like there is a plot for a 4th small building in the garrison; perhaps this will become available in the future.


So I queued for a random dungeon as a healer, and wound up getting a group for Grimrail Depot.

It uh… didn’t go that smoothly. We wiped 2 or 3 times and I would put 50% of the group suckage on the healer. Oh wait, that was me. Ouch.

The problem I had was simple: line of sight. Grimrail Depot takes place on a runaway locomotive (more or less). In fact midway through, there is a cutscene where the group jumps down onto the train.

Much of the instance features a low ceiling, narrow hallways and ramps, lots of junk arranged as barriers, plus the usual crazy boss mechanics.

I had been there once or twice before as DPS and I didn’t like it (compared to other instances). As a healer it was tough to get good positioning so I could “see” around various obstacles and keep out of the fire, so to speak. Even in the earlier easier parts, a good camera angle was tough to find.

We did finish but it was ugly. I do want more practice as a healer, so I’ll queue for instances I’m more familiar with or LFR. For the others, maybe try them as DPS first. Or, just avoid Grimrail Depot. 😉

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