WS – Checking it Out

Wildstar was on sale over the holidays, and I couldn’t resist picking it up. I’ve been wanting to check it out since it released. I’ve also wanted to check out Elder Scrolls Online, which was also on sale, but the thing is I’ve had my fill (at least for a bit) of fantasy MMOs, so that tipped me over to trying out Wildstar.

I made a Dominion character, Aurora Tian the Mechari Medic (scientist path), and an Exile character, Autumn Tian the Granok Engineer (settler path).

I haven’t gotten very far, just through the intro on both characters, and so far I’m enjoying it. The graphics are sharp and futuristic looking.

Dominion Intro
Dominion Intro

After finishing up the tutorial and landing on the planet Nexus, I was greeted with a cool starter town with a gigantic satellite dish that looks awesome.

Dominion Start
Dominion Start

Over on the Exile side things look great too.

Exile Landing
Exile Landing

The game has a nice feature where if you click on the quest, it draws arrows which point straight at the objective… which might not be the way you have to travel to it (e.g. inside a building and you can’t walk through walls), but the mechanism is helpful. Especially since it gives the distance too.

Too Many Games

This marks a first for me – I have 3 subscription games going. EVE Online, World of Warcraft, and Wildstar. However, I don’t expect to keep that for very long. I plan to let my EVE sub lapse, because while the game is awesome, there is too much overhead to doing anything – time spent fitting ships, flying back and forth to buy modules, loading cargo and hauling to market, etc.

I can get something useful done in as little as 30 mins in WoW – taking care of garrison duties, such as harvesting from my mine or herb garden and then sending followers out. With more time, I can queue for an instance or run something with friends. 30 mins in EVE isn’t worth logging in, it takes that much time just to reset planetary interaction (which is a huge clickfest) since I have 6 planets each on 2 chars. I need more time to load up cargo, scan for the wormhole exit, travel to market and back, and lets just say that for me, travel and selling stuff isn’t fulfilling gameplay in and of itself. That’s what you do to make money to do something more fun.

If I had more time, I’d join a combat corporation like Red vs. Blue or Brave Newbies or something, to take part in fleet operations and shoot stuff. But that is an ISK drain plus it would be extra coordination to make scheduled events…

Anyway, I’m thinking of trying to juggle 4 games in 2015: WoW, LoTRO, TSW, Wildstar. I’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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