EVE – Hauling to W-space

I spent the next few days moving PI items into W-space: command centers, so I can harvest and produce commodities.

There’s a lot of juggling that goes on. First, the scan/bookmark procedure to leave the wormhole and be able to re-enter. Then, navigating from whatever hisec system the N110 exits into to a system with a decent market. After buying and fitting a hauler, in Summer’s case I started with an Iteron because I needed enough room to move a few command centers, I also bought a shuttle. The thinking here was after moving everything to the wormhole and dropping stuff off into my Personal Hangar Array, I’d somehow assemble the shuttle and fly back to get my Imicus. I need my scanning ship in W-space!

This mostly worked as I thought it would, except for the assembly portion. The only snag was the PHA was about 10km from the Large Ship Assembly Array (LSAA) and using either one requires a max distance of 3 km. I just had to keep approaching the structure I was using.

I warped in with the Iteron, moved cargo into the PHA, and then… well I wasn’t sure. I moved the unassembled shuttle into one division of the LSAA which was left for general usage. But I couldn’t “board” it after I assembled it. So I clicked on the Ship Maintenance Array (SMA) to store the Iteron, and got a popup about ejecting from the ship. Well, it isn’t very dignified to fly around the universe in a capsule, but I didn’t think there was another way. So I clicked yes and then tried to board the shuttle. Cue the first of several “you are too far away” message. Sigh.

After approaching the LSAA and attempting to board, I got a new error – something about not having the proper role. Before panicking 😉 I re-read some info that Foo emailed me, and found the proper procedure is to assemble a ship in the LSAA and then move it to the SMA. Aha! That’s how I could board the ship I brought in.

Except there was another snag or two. I tried to drag the shuttle from the LSAA to the SMA, but got an error, something about not having enough room on the ship for the move to occur. What?! Oh yeah, I was in a capsule. So, I boarded the Iteron I just stored, and tried again.

This time it worked, the shuttle was now in the SMA. So to board it, I again stored/ejected from the Iteron, and then boarded the shuttle. Whew. It seems like this process could be simplified; the SMA should just allow assembling ships that are moved straight into its container space.

Anyway, today’s N110 exit was to Hitanishio, so I wound up doing a lot of shopping in the systems around Nourvukaiken. My goal was to load up on command centers so the next few hours I get over a weekend, I could actually start doing some Planetary Interaction. I hear that wormhole planets are extremely resource rich so I’d like to take advantage.

If I ever get all the stuff I need into the wormhole. It’s been hours of flying around and hauling stuff and not much actual gameplay in the wormhole. So far it’s been a package shipping simulator of buying and moving stuff around.

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