EVE – Wormhole Logistics

I’m getting more comfortable in the wormhole; granted I spend most my time in the POS force-field or cloaked. I jumped out our static exit and have found myself in Gid and later Arraron – the latter was close to some secondary trade hubs so I took advantage and bought a few things.

On that shopping trip, I did the rookie mistake of forgetting to bookmark the K162, so I had another opportunity to practice scanning. I’m getting better, this time it only took 3-4 minutes to find my way back!

Wormhole to Home
Wormhole to Home

I also setup planetary command centers on Summer, my designated PI farmer. Who knows, maybe I’ll expand, but Aurora’s current goal is more focused on exploration, combat, and skilling more into cruisers, while Autumn’s immediate goal is to train to a decent explorer with core support skills as well. After all, Autumn is my tertiary char on the account and I kinda want to stop PLEXing her skill queue after a month or two more.

Speaking of Autumn, I joined her to the corporation as well. While she could stay in the wormhole and scan for exits should Aurora and Summer ever be in K-space when the K162 collapses, it’s nice to have access to the POS and corporate services.

The whole community nature of the hangar array is weird, but then I can share my Iteron among my characters. Aurora and Summer will need to train Gallente Industrial a bit, but that’s easier than buying and fitting 2 extra haulers, and eventually when I get an Epithal all characters can use that too. I plan to purchase an extra exploration setup for each char – ship and modules, and haul them in for storage in my personal area. I figure someday I’m going to lose a ship and it would be nice to have another one around in the wormhole if my capsule survives and I can get back to the POS.

Planetary Interaction

It’s been a while since I did any, and I had to jog my memory watching the short and excellent intro video CCP made. It all came back to me after also fiddling around.

I have a few planet types available – gas, storm, barren, temperate – which could be used to make the P4 advanced commodity Nano-Factories, but at first I think I’ll just experiment around and try to max out P0 extraction and processing into P2 refined commodities.

Last time I was too focused on creating the end-product; this time around I see that maxing out the earlier steps will result in larger yield overall.

Anyway, I’m just getting oriented in the wormhole, I also plan to hit up some exploration sites after I find my rhythm. There is lots to do and it’s fun working towards some new activities.

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