LoTRO – Helm’s Deep Arrival

Naerys finally made it to Helm’s Deep… I’m in danger of catching up to current content in Middle Earth! If that should somehow happen, I’ve got Dhrun to advance and Autumn as well, thank goodness for alts. 😉


The scenery in Westfold is pretty: here we have a calm meadow, with a majestic mountain in the background, along with a scenic waterfall and river, a sneaky photo-bombing goat partly hidden in the tall grass, and on the left, a city going up in flames… ?! Fortunately I arrive at Helm’s Deep just in time… to help carry some barrels of weapons around. Well it isn’t glamorous but every little bit helps, haha.

Horse Art
Horse Art

The artwork is amazing, I think Turbine’s artists do a great job with every zone. I like these horse tapestries and sculptures and the shield-maiden banner.

Naerys reached level 94 and is at Vol 3 Book 13 Chapter 3. I peeked ahead in the LoTRO Wiki and I will soon experience an “Epic Battle”. I’ve heard mostly bad things about them but I’ll go in with an open mind.

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